Late Night Fights are back with some more late-night “energy” and “enthusiasm” in the form of their new single and music video, “Sway.” Coming from the city of Minneapolis, the trio is a mishmash of hard rock and alternative rock along with post-hardcore that’s all “swaying” its way through their third release, the Bliss EP, due out shortly. In the meantime, you can pre-order the “Sway” single via Apple Music. The Bliss EP is the most exciting release yet from Late Night Fights; now four years into their existence, a group that certainly comes with a lot of intrigue, partially thanks to the fact that they are led by singer and guitarist Ryan Guanzon who is none other than the former drummer and a founding member of the very well-known hard rock band New Medicine.

After Guanzon’s departure from New Medicine, he embarked on a production career but wound up writing his own music that has turned into Late Night Fights. Guanzon has surrounded himself with talent equal to his own, as he is backed up by bassist Shane Peckham (In The Line of Duty) and Claudio Rivera (Saves The Day, Motion City Soundtrack). As part of their M.O. and the origins of their name, Late Night Fights sets out to be the response to the physical, psychological and emotional battles that keep you awake at night. The demons we all face that we put off to get through our waking hours and tend to only manifest themselves when we are alone with our thoughts and able to think and reflect on our lives and who we are.

From their sophomore release Renal 911, indulge in the passionate music video for “Prison:”

As an exclusive addition to this video premiere, Guanzon commented at length about “Sway” and the making of the video, stating “This song is dedicated to all the beautiful people caught up in an ADHD social media prostitution of an existence. Fuck your digital Insta-followers and Snap-subscribers, grab your neighbors and sway to the hook, you wonderful biological bastards!” Commenting on the making of Bliss, Guanzon followed up by saying, “‘Sway’ is the second single of our new EP Bliss (available to the online masses ASAP), which was a gauntlet of a recording experiment all done within a couple of weeks. We started with only a few riffs and then challenged ourselves to make this record at light speed, and I think we did a pretty darn good job! Couldn’t have done it without our production team James ‘Fluff’ Harley and Dan Korneff!”

Lastly, regarding the video, Guanzon said, “The video was shot in Las Vegas with special help from our homies Tre (Stafford) and Andrew (Cushing) from Adelita’s Way, as well as Mason Wright who shot the desert scene. What a dope spot! We got postponed until our last day in town due to rain and shot the whole thing in a rush. It’s the first music video I’ve ever edited and it took a lot of patience since I’ve got some old ass software and didn’t know what I was doing (still don’t!).”

With shows scheduled with Cities Never Sleep and Eyes Set To Kill coming up, plus more tour dates to soon be announced for the fall, there’s a lot of Late Night Fights excitement to keep you up at night.

Take a look at the historical artwork for Late Night Fights’ new album, Sway: