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No, you do not have psychosis. I repeat, you do not have psychosis. You’re just listening to some brand new music from Madame Psychosis thanks to this free song download of the single “Kapow.” For more of Madame Psychosis, you can visit the band’s official Spotify page or Apple Music and discover more of their gritty, aggressive indie/alternative rock. The writing of “Kapow” is one of the most original tales you’ll ever hear. You’re probably used to the usual stories of “this song was inspired by a previous relationship that kept getting worse” or “this song is about one of those lowpoints in your life.” No, “Kapow” was inspired by…. Saturday morning cartoons!

In a larger sense, the song highlights that pursuit of chasing someone you’ve got an interest in to just give you a chance as a person and that heart-dropping moment we’ve all felt of being rejected. The initial inspiration though came from those memories we all have of the cat and mouse chase we all saw with Tom and Jerry, Sylvester, Roadrunner and the smelliest of them all, Pepé Le Pew. Bet you never saw this connection coming, huh?

The band’s “Crashing Down” single was released on May 6th, 2019; check out the video:

With a more detailed comment on the song, the band stated, “‘Kapow’ was a bit of a surprise for the band in that it came together very quickly after initially being shelved for several months. Bret (McCaffrey), our guitar player, wrote the main progression and introduced it to the rest of us. After a few rehearsals with the full band, the song started feeling more refined and complete. However, we put it on the backburner until (singer) Michelle (Mondesir) could come up with fitting lyrics and a vocal melody. A few months went by, but in a moment of inspiration, which she drew from the chase pursuits of Saturday morning cartoon characters like Sylvester and Tweety, Michelle put pen to paper and finished ‘Kapow’ in a matter of minutes.

We’ll never forget the first time we played the song with her vocals, keeping in mind the band had never heard them before. There was a unanimous outburst of joy. A month or so later, it was recorded. We’ve never had a song that came together this quickly, recorded and everything, after initially having to put it aside. (guitarist) Rene (Ip) even winged the guitar solo in the studio! The writing and recording process was simply a blast, and we believe the song captures this sentiment.”

The “Steel Tray” single dropped on June 28th… view the artwork here:

Hailing from Toronto, Madame Psychosis is a five-piece rounded out by drummer Jaina Tharakan, and bass player Giovanni Paola. It was late-2014 when things started to come together, at a wedding of all places, where a jam session was suggested by a mutual friend of the soon-to-be band members. They are often compared to fellow Toronto band Metric, or somewhere in between the Black Keys and Alabama Shakes. Two summers ago, the group released their self-titled debut album, which received some local radio play and culminated in a gig at Toronto’s well-known Opera House. They’ve made a quick comeback with their sophomore album, with our download of “Kapow” being preceded by the release of the first single “Just Wanna Be Myself” in early 2019 and second single “Crashing Down” in May. With momentum to build off of and some local shows on the horizon, we’re predicting an outbreak of psychosis and a lot of Saturday morning cartoon watching on the way soon to an area near you.

Upcoming Show Dates:

08/09 – Toronto, ON @ Music Friday on CHCH Morning Live (TV appearance)
09/20 – Toronto, ON @ The Hideout (album release)
09/23 – Toronto, ON @ Global’s The Morning Show (TV appearance)


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