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Kaya Project – “San Pedro Rising (SOOHAN Remix)” [Free Song Download]

We’re going digital for our latest free song download; this time for Kaya Project’s “San Pedro Rising,” remixed by the one and only Soohan for the David Starfire-produced compilation, Circulate Vol. 1, in benefit of Austin-based charity, Beyond The Grade.



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We’re going digital for our latest free song download; this time for Kaya Project’s “San Pedro Rising,” remixed by the one and only Soohan. The track can be found on a world bass compilation titled Circulate Vol. 1, a collaboration released through Gravitas Recordings between Soohan and producer David Starfire that brings together some of the most talented electronic artists all under one umbrella, providing eclectic mixes for various new tracks. The compilation features artists such as CloZee, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, DJ Madd and more. You can learn more about the creation of Circulate Vol. 1 in our special guest blog published earlier this month where members of Gravitas take you through the process behind the new album.

What’s more, all of the net proceeds from any sale of this compilation (which you can purchase right here) will go towards Beyond The Grade, a non-profit initiative that began in Austin, Texas arranged to provide teaching opportunities for at-risk children to learn music. It gives students access to valuable opportunities to learn from local music professionals that would otherwise be completely inaccessible. With such a worthwhile cause, it was not difficult for Soohan, (real name Stephen Suchan) to become involved. Commenting on “San Pedro Rising,” Soohan stated, “In an increasingly global society, dance music with a global focus has earned its place more than ever on the modern dance floor.”

Listen to another cut from Circulate Vol. 1 with “Flow Like Water” from French electronic musician CloZee:

To offer you some more background on Soohan, he is a longtime mainstay of the festival community and well-known for his production and remixing work. Originally from Maryland, Soohan has released five albums which have redefined what success means in the world of independent electronic music. Aside from his one-of-a-kind talent, Soohan has also worked to create and maintain strong and lasting connections with his fellow musicians, industry people, as well as fans as he has traversed the country. The creative process in which he brings to his music has also gained the attention of many other industry originators, which has produced a global network that celebrates each other’s work and helps bring about recognition for electronic music that is too often overlooked in modern music.

David Starfire, the other man behind Circulate Vol. 1, is known as a pioneer of the global bass genre and for bringing his own unique vision to EDM. Over the course of releasing four albums and seven EPs, Starfire’s songs have wound up appearing in television commercials, films, and video games. His songs have appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports, MTV, Showtime, HBO and on EA Sports-produced games. David’s unique sound has led him to performing on the same stage as industry trendsetters, such as Skrillex and Bassnectar. With two incredible artists who have well paid their dues overseeing the release of Circulate Vol. 1, it really is a no-brainer to pick up this album, if you are a fan of electronic and EDM music.

Check out the Circulate Vol. 1 covert artwork:

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