Okay, this is your take-a-break-and-get-out-of-serious-business-mode-moment for the day. Why? Because it’s flippin’ Friday and people are taking themselves way too seriously these days. Also, because it’s time to take yourself back to adolescence for a few minutes, the days when you were carefree and laughed at just about everything. Why are we telling you this? Well, because of our premiere of not one, but two brand new songs from Jack and The Me Offs.

The songs, “I Can’t Remember” and “What Makes a Man?” are from the New Jersey trio’s brand new, subtly-titled album Greatest Hits Vol. 2, being digitally released August 2nd via Universal Warning Records (pre-order on Apple Music). As you may have guessed, the group is both irreverent and bratty, but also melodic and full of talent will a barrel full of basement perfected punk rock that’ll soon be sweeping the nation. A massive supporter of Jack and The Me Offs has been Joe Queer of The Queers who believed in the band so much that he lent his producing talents to Greatest Hits Vol. 2.

Joe Queer commented on the tunes saying, “If you took a unilateral triangle with equal parts Screeching Weasel, MTX and The Queers you’d find Jack and the Me Offs. They could have easily run with the big dogs on Lookout Records back in the mid-‘90s. Start to finish one of the best pop punk albums in the past few years.”

Do you know “What Makes a Man? This band does!”

Taking their inspiration from The Descendents and the Ramones, Jack and The Me Offs have created fourteen new songs that balance the teenage high school humour with the vulnerability kids at that age tend to feel internally, or behind closed doors. “What Makes a Man?” is the album’s first single, of which the band stated, “This song is sort of our anthem. While the other dudes in the band seem to have gone through puberty, Jack (Bravstein, vocals, guitars) is still pushing out his mustache. It’s just about growing up as a guy and not really knowing if other people are going through the same changes as you, or lack thereof.”

Regarding “I Can’t Remember,” the guys had this to say; “‘I Can’t Remember’ is the closest thing we’ll ever have to a ballad. I can’t seem to recall what inspired the song, when I wrote it, or what it’s about.” Well, we appreciate their honesty at least!

“I Can’t Remember” the last time I heard good music…

As a band, Jack and The Me Offs began back in 2017 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with three college dudes just looking to play some fast-paced music. Along with Bravstein, the band is rounded out by bassist and singer Sam Crisci and drummer Gio Occhipinti. As is common with the beginnings of many punk rock groups, the guys hit up a lot of house parties and basements to play their music for friends and acquaintances when fortune struck and they received the opportunity to open for The Queers and The Dickies last summer.

The band happened to really hit it off with Joe Queer in particular who invited them to his Atlanta studio. After spending a week at Scabby Road Studios this past January, they had an album full of songs. Joe provided excellent input on musical direction and he played a key role in what you’ll hear on Greatest Hits Vol. 2. With such positive momentum going, we look forward to what’s to come on Greatest Hits Vol. 3!

Upcoming Tour Dates:

08/02 – Oakdale, NY
08/09 – Marlton, NJ
08/10 – Albany, NY
08/17 – Allentown, PA
08/18 – Ridgewood, NY

Due out on August 2nd, check out the artwork for the Greatest Hits Vol. 2:


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