Contemporary rock music needs more talented instrumental artists; skilled musicians the likes of Norman Kim. Today we have the pleasure of debuting Kim’s new single “Nothing Wrong With My Life” which is lifted from his first-ever full-length album, Just Like You. Due out this October, the album will be a ten-track epic that weaves its way into the best of classical and instrumental rock music. Along with its classical roots, the music will feature touches of Queen, The Beatles and David Bowie, three rock pioneers that also happened to experiment heavily with classical music in their songwriting and production techniques. You’ll hear a lot of those influences throughout Just Like You, a recording which a rock n’ roll fan will be able to identify with, but particularly those who appreciate the roots and finer details of rock’s true origins.

Kim elaborated on “Nothing Wrong With My Life,” stating that he really had no plans to even release his music in the first place. “I wrote ‘Nothing Wrong with My Life’ back in 2011 when I first moved to L.A. to pursue film music and had no plans to release my songs. I just wanted to write an upbeat song about realizing my life is actually fine even if I’m feeling like I’m falling behind. Of course, just realizing something is not going to solve everything; I’m still working on not comparing myself to those around me, but it’s a start!”

Behold the instrumental brilliance of Norman Kim’s “Nothing Wrong With My Life:”

As Kim mentions, although he currently resides in Los Angeles, he originally hails from Brooklyn, New York, born to Korean immigrants. Despite his focus on instrumental music, he is also a singer in addition to being a songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Before releasing his own music, he worked primarily in the film and television industry, contributing music to shows such as Netflix’s The Ivory Game and Showtime’s long-running crime drama Dexter.

As you may expect, Kim began studying classical at a young age and later joined the All-State and All-County orchestras. He later pursued classical music academically at the Berklee College of Music where he learned from some of the most talented composers in the country. When school was done, Kim decided it was time to move to LA and see where he could get in the world of film composition. With a debut solo record and a successful film and television career well-established, Norman Kim is proving that sometimes words can be a little overrated.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

10/26 – The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

For more of Norman Kim’s musical wow-agw, listen to “To The Rescue” from the film soundtrack to The Tiny House of Terror:

Peep the slick cover artwork for the “Nothing Wrong With My Life” single:


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