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Indie Rock Quartet HAHA CHARADE Say “Goodbye Juliet” with Their New Single [Song Premiere]

Delaware indie rockers Haha Charade are taking their crack at the breakup song, but they’re bringing a new take on it; check our exclusive premiere of their latest track “Goodbye Juliet.”



If you somehow could do a survey of the most common subject matter of every popular music song recorded in the last sixty years, breakup tracks would likely compose the overwhelming majority. Well, Haha Charade are taking their crack at the breakup song, but they’re bringing a new take on it with their latest single “Goodbye Juliet,” which you can now pre-order and/or purchase a merch bundle for here. The song is about a short fling, but like most, one that was never destined to last. Its essence lies in that special type of energetic romance that accompanies these types of relationships, filled with the thrill of misbehaviour, all in the name of that “potential” of love and, at the end of the day, the good fun that lies within that. Upfront attraction often leads to undeniable affection, but it all ultimately unravels as personalities begin to reveal themselves. “Goodbye Juliet” tackles all of this and more as it somehow successfully reinvents the breakup tune.

Filling us in more on just what this song is trying to accomplish, the band stated, “‘Goodbye Juliet’ was inspired by one of (bassist) Matt’s (Bowe) ex-girlfriends. She was the kind of girl whose face could get a mime to chyme in, with a body that could sell water to an ocean. A rich girl that Hall and Oates would sing about. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very bright and erred on the side of crazy. After too many unhinged episodes, he had to break it off. The song’s moral is, have fun and enjoy while it lasts, but be aware and confident enough to make a move when it has run its course.”

Let’s all say “Goodbye Juliet” now by checking out Haha Charade’s brand new track:

The writing process for the song started in a Tequila-induced jam session after a Cinco de Mayo party. The Delaware indie band recorded a demo just a day later and by the following year, they were in Occupy Studio recording it. “Goodbye Juliet” will be featured on Haha Charade’s new record, due out this fall. The story of the band starts with the humble beginnings of rocking out in neighbourhood basements, living rooms and garages. A cult following started to form which led to their debut show in Greater Philadelphia only last summer.

Consisting of singers and guitarists Alex Wade, Justin Lefler, Bowe on bass, and drummer Brendan McBride, they are driven by the power of three primary songwriters who each bring their own respective talents to the table, born out of a love of punk rock, garage rock, folk rock and hip-hop. Special loves include The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rebelution, which help in creating a psychedelic, surfy vibe which you’ll find on the band’s debut EP We Are The Wolves released earlier this year. There’s a lot to like and look forward to with Haha Charade. And really, it was about time someone tried to reinvent the breakup song, right? With more about the song, we asked bassist Matt Bowe a few questions about “Goodbye Juliet.”

Since you’re clearly vibing on this band, might as well stream their debut EP We Are The Wolves, released March 2019:

Who is Juliet and where is she now? (Saying goodbye can be hard, but we grow from it. What did the lyric’s writer learn?)
Matt Bowe: Juliet can be any 10 that never developed a personality. The Juliet I had in mind when writing the lyrics is a playmate at Playboy now lol.

We know it’s a touch cliché, but we need to know the story behind the band’s name. Share!
Bowe: haha charade is a lyric from a Pink Floyd song “Pigs.” The lyric is “haha charade you are” meaning you’re a sham or a phony. When Pink Floyd wrote the song, there was a political and religious activist in Britain, Mary Whitehouse, whose goal was to censor music lyrics. Pink Floyd didn’t take to kindly to her idea. We don’t think music should be censored. No ones artistic expression should be, and we have inalienable rights to say whatever we want to say, so we’re going to use them! Our lyrics can be politically charged, so the name to us is a social commentary on the state of the nation, but also a commentary on ourselves. A reminder to not take ourselves too seriously, if you will.

What does the band hope people take away from this song; music, lyrics, or otherwise?
Bowe: Well, I hope people vibe to the beat and give an ornery grin when they hear the words. But, above all, I hope fans take away the message of being confident in themselves. Confidence to make decisions based on your life with disregard to what others think, and to be the person you want to be. Not to hold onto a relationship that isn’t a fit.

What is different about this single and your debut 2019 EP, We Are The Wolves?
Bowe: Our ability to blend genres into a unique songs, all while keeping our “sound.” We know who we are and what we want. Our music is authentic. Good, bad, or indifferent, we want listeners to hear a snippet and say “that’s haha charade,” just based off the sound. Our lyrics are mature, yet controversial. Our melodies are more rhythmic than most rock/alt music, and our music is really pop disguised as alt-rock, psych-funk, surf-punk.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

10/06 – Rockwood Music Hall, New York City, NY (11 pm, no cover charge)

Haha Charade will be releasing their debut album in the fall of 2019. Here’s the “Goodbye Juliet” single cover art:

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