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Get Lost in “Reverie” with ANAMORPH’s Hypnotic New Drum Playthrough Video [Song Premiere]

Anamorph are just a little over a week away from the release of their new full-length album, Lucid, and as an early treat, we’re pleased to debut the drum playthrough video for the new single “Reverie.”



Anamorph is just a little over a week away from the release of their new full-length album, Lucid. Today, as an early treat, we’re stoked to share the exclusive premiere of the band’s drum playthrough video for the new song “Reverie.” Set for independent release on September 6th, Lucid can be pre-ordered/saved now through Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

Anamorph is a well-established, Raleigh, North Carolina-based instrumental progressive metal quartet, sowing together the fundamentals of progressive rock, progressive metal, technical death metal, math rock, and post-rock. All of this genre-hopping makes for a supercharged listening experience that immerses the listener into a solid hour of some of the most thought-provoking metal you’ll hear this year. (And to think that lyrics would actually get in the way of all of this!?) Recorded with producer Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me, Scale The Summit, The Contortionist), the record is truly a focused and deeply immersive listening experience that’s best enjoyed when given one’s full attention.

To say a little more about just what Anamorph is all about, the band’s mission statement is settled on writing deeply reflective music that conjures up a wide range of human emotions, states of mind, thought processes and perspectives. They attempt to emulate the world at large, drawing attention to the contrasts of triumphs and shortcomings, beauty and destruction, the struggles of growth and the uncertainty that dominates the human condition and ultimately is responsible for driving us forward into the future.

Want more shredtastic goodness? Check out the “Sublimate” guitar playthrough:

Drummer James Agusta is a truly superbly talented musician, playing his instrument to the highest levels of proficiency. You can feel his power and his precision in this playthrough video for “Reverie,” and you can truly appreciate his dedication to his craft. Agusta is so good at what he does that you can see that he actually plays through much of the song with his eyes shut. Even if you are not a musician, you can’t help but appreciate (or be motivated by) this man’s playing. Take a look at the full rundown of the set up of Agusta’s kit and what he uses to create this musical perfection:

Pearl Vision Kit: 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 22″ x 2
Snare: Pearl Limited Edition 13×7 African Mahogany/Poplar Power Piccolo
Cymbals: Zildjian A Custom & K Custom Series
Drumheads: Evans Drumheads
Sticks: Vic Firth
Pedals: Axis Percussion

From the man himself, Agusta discussed at length the details and technicalities behind his drum playthrough. “‘Reverie’ was the perfect song to pick for a drum playthrough, and overall was the song that set the tone for the album. This was the first song we finished as a band, months before any of the other tracks really got fleshed out. This song to me perfectly encapsulates all of the dynamics you hear throughout the album. In a way, it is a ‘summary’ of the kinds of things you can expect from the 53 minutes that follow the track.”

Clearly, with songs and videos like this, Anamorph is about to have a “Breakthrough!”

He continues, “Starting off with a twisted ‘samba-esque’ Latin rhythm that develops upon itself after a couple of repetitions, the song jumps into an absolutely explosive groove that is the first real ‘hook’ and one of my favorite parts on the record. This riff section shows off my ambidextrous drumming ability and which hand has the lead/holds down the snare pulse changes repeatedly (and quickly) during the part. The metal chops come next, with an extended staggered blast section that includes articulation on the ride cymbal and floor tom. During these sections I’ve been talking about so far there are fills that I am extremely proud of, and really help the song flow from one section to the next.

“The middle section is a dreamy ethereal clean part, starting with some articulate hi-hat play, and developing into a relaxed, bopping tom/kick groove being held down with the right hand on my ride cymbal. This leads to a big wide open riff section that has a very intricate yet groovy tom beat that I just love playing. There’s a guitar solo during this section, and when the solo climaxes with a 32nd-note run, the drums follow off with an off-the-rails fill. Finally, to close the song, the drums get to flash a little bit on their own with a weird ascending/descending section that flips between tight hi-hat/snare ghost-note interplay and energetic fills.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Lucid will illustrate with ease why Anamorph should be taken seriously as one of today’s premiere instrumental progressive metal acts.

Anamorph’s new album Lucid drops independently on September 6th; here’s the artwork:

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