Hamilton, Ontario’s Blandlord are back with new music and this time it’s in the form of “Sun Explorers,” a single they say is “the anthem for the apocalypse!” Well, we’re pretty sure that statement is accurate as the rippin’ hot tune boasts dismal lyrical content about mankind’s growing stupidity and inevitable collapse. #goodtimes Futuristic accuracy aside, this is the present and presently we’re listening to this track on repeat; as should be you. Head below for our premiere and check the group on Spotify and Bandcamp for more of their space rocking jams.

So, just who is Blandlord and what does the name (and the band) stand for? Well, according to drummer and lead vocalist Caleb Moroz, “After searching for a new name for a good year and a half, it came about in a appropriately funny way. While recording new tunes not so long ago, we needed a name for the protools session. Greg (Preston, guitars and backing vocals) had been looking for a new apartment and complaining about dealing with landlords. Jon (Daly, bass and backing vocals), trying to make light of the situation uttered ‘Landlord? More like Blandlord,’ To which we all chuckled. Then after a few days we couldn’t stop thinking about the name. Equal parts stupid and interesting. A good fit! A lot of our material is a commentary on the state of affairs we are living in, a tongue in cheek view of what’s going around us. Rather than provide people solutions or answers to the problems faced in these modern times we prefer to provide a soundtrack or a chance to think on those dilemmas.”

This is the song “Sun Explorers” and, as you’re about to hear, it’s damn hot tune!

Speaking of the their new single, the band commented as follows: “The inspiration for ‘Sun Explorers’ is the stupidity and myopic nature of mankind. Mankind is racing towards extinction and ecological collapse because of our greed and pollution. These sun explorers represent how when men have the abilities to do great things they inherently fuck it up and in this case, fly directly into the sun. To sum it up people are fucking dummies and we are doomed.

‘Sun Explorer’ was a DYI adventure, completely self-produced. The band holes up every Saturday at Rock Out Farm, our own studio, in lovely Vineland, Ontario. The freedom to constantly write, practice and work on recordings without the clock running and the wallets emptying is hugely rewarding. We house a mix of old analog gear, and a modern digital mixing console which allows complete versatility in our workflow and endless creativity.

The drums, bass and rhythm guitar for ‘Sun Explorer’ were cut live off the floor. Immediately followed by vocals and lead guitar overdubs. It was roughly mixed the same day, and revisited a week later after our ears had stop bleeding. We didn’t want to get caught up being overly picky and let the song speak for itself. We think it speaks VOLUMES. It covers all our bases, LOUD, FAST, ENERGETIC and FIERCE! We think it conveys that message that we are all doomed. Check out the anthem for the apocalypse!”

If you’re into the arts, then we strongly suggest you take a lesson in “Asshole Poetry.”

Due out on August 2nd, check out the artwork for the “Sun Explorers” single:


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