Blue Nude, aka New Zealander Terence O’Connor, has stepped onto the indie music scene as a force to be reckoned with. His debut song “20” is a warm hearted slow burner that hits listeners with a deep energy amidst the soulful vocals and innovative production. Lying somewhere in the crossroads of Bruno Major, Chance The Rapper, and Bon Iver, Blue Nude is promising to be the next viral artist of the year. “20” has been on repeat in our office since its release on August 2nd, and we are thrilled to be introducing this artist and his experimental yet futuristic music to our followers. Luckily, we had the opportunity to chat with Blue Nude and get the inside scoop on the song and the inspiration behind his music.
What inspired your single “20”?I went through this weird crisis when I was 20. I was broke, living at home, late for everything and stuck in a music degree I felt was slowly sucking my soul away. I was stuck in this boring life loop and I was sick of letting fear control me. I didn’t wanna look back on my life as an old man and regret all the things I didn’t do because I was too afraid. 
What’s your favorite lyrical line in “20”?”I’m basically tryna say don’t regret shit”
Hahaha, it’s very subtle and you need to pay close attention to hear it but it happens right before the chorus when there’s a big obnoxious piano sample thing. I wrote that line to remind myself of what the song was about while I was in a writing session one day and I kept overcomplicating everything. I kept it in there because I thought it was kinda funny.I also like the line: “I don’t wanna be an old soul filled with regret, lying on my deathbed, praying God take me back ‘fore I’m screaming it’s too late, it’s too late.” – I feel it sums up the meaning of the song in a really direct and honest way. 
How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before?I find this really, really tricky. I’d say something like a unique blend of acoustic and electronic textures or like indie R&B weird artsy stuff. 
What do you hope your music achieves?Hmm. I guess the ultimate goal is to inspire. It’s crazy to me to think that I could potentially inspire people to create things the same way my favourite artists have inspired me. But I don’t want to put too much expectation on my music. Playing Coachella or playing on a couch, just the buzz of having a new, inspired idea is enough for me. But playing Coachella would be really cool lol. 
What/who inspires your musical sound?Visual elements probably inspire my musical sound the most. While creating a song I get a strong sense of what it would look like – imagining it as a room, space, bunch of colours or a movie or something like that. Vice versa, sometimes I see something and want to create what that would sound like. 
As far as musicians/artists go I’d have to say Bon Iver, Frank Ocean and Steve Vai are probably my top influences and then there’s a bunch of sub influences that change alllllll the time. But the artists I’m loving at the moment are Rosalia, Matt Corby, Lucky Daye, Choker & Solange just to name a few. I have a playlist on my Spotify called ‘thats zeit’. I update it every Monday and it’s filled with all the sounds I’m currently inspired by.
What can fans expect next?
I have this weird thing where I love doing the opposite of what people would want/expect me to do. But, I’d say there’s something new coming out soon. But, you’re going to have to be very patient. I love taking my time with things and not rushing anything. You should see me eat. It’s painfully slow and my food almost always goes cold. 
Connect with Blue Nude:
Spotify . Website . Instagram .
Spotify . Website . Instagram .

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