Portland, Oregon power duo Aina Haina (pronounced “Eye-na High-na”) consists of musicians Mike Ailes and Dylan Magierek who, together, produce some pretty punchy alt-rock. It’s solid stuff which is being released via local indie label and production company Badman Recording Co., the same group that just released the band’s seven-song sophomore recording, Second Best, on June 28th, 2019. If the band’s moniker sounds Hawaiin to you, well, that’s because it is. Not only is Aina Haina a small town in Honolulu, but it also means in the local language “Hind’s Land,” named after a local dairyman and owner of Hind-Clarke Dairy, Robert Hind. Moreover, Ailes and Magierek actually met while attending the University of Hawaii. So there you go!

With the new album now available to pre-order/save via services such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Badman Recording Co. iteslf, we’re stoked to help the two-piece hype their new music with this premiere of the “Don’t Need Your Love” music video.

Now that you’re grooving on this new song, check out a full stream of the group’s second album, Second Best:

Speaking of the new single, singer Mike Ailes shared the following short context, “‘Don’t Need Your Love’ centers around a character who finds himself left behind by the modern world and a former love who is more suited to it than him.”

Adding more colour about the music video itself, director Christopher Coats notes, “The first idea for the ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ video was to emulate the colors and pacing of a lot of the classic concert footage from the ‘70s (think lots of blue and orange lighting with really long dissolves). After hearing the lyrics over time, however, I found that I was picking up some rather cryptic meanings that I felt had a much darker side to them. So, I wanted to get some brighter shots to contrast with what was captured in the studio, and at the same time, open it up a bit. We drove out towards Mt. Hood, Oregon, took a random turn on to an old logging road, and shot in the snow for about 2 hours. I was then able to juxtapose the visually brighter shots (that themselves have a much darker undertone) with the studio work we had already completed.”

The new seven-song album, Second Best, was released on June 28th, 2019:


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