A powerfully deep voice reminiscent of Lady Gaga greets the listener’s ear in the first few seconds of the new piano ballad by Theda. Having been compared to the likes of Lana Del Ray, Lorde, and Florence Welch, it’s no surprise that Theda possesses the potential to be the next leading artist on our radar. Her new single, “Trouble”, showcases her rich, smoky vocals and unique blend of rock and soul. The vulnerable lyrics of “Trouble” depict a sense of anger at the inability to break free of whatever it is grasping at the heartstrings – “I’m in trouble now, breaking these ties where my body lies”. When asked about the song’s inspiration, Theda says, “Some days you just fall into a dark place and feel like you can’t get out. Every one of us has those moments, we’re human. “Trouble” was just my outlet at that moment.”
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