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MONUMENTS Guitarist JOHN BROWNE Discusses New Album ‘Phronesis’ and Upcoming South African Tour

John Browne, guitarist with the British progressive metal band Monuments, discusses the new Century Media-released album Phronesis and upcoming second trek to South Africa!



British progressive metal band Monuments parted ways with their well-known vocalist Chris Barretto earlier this month, however, the group is still rocking their way to South Africa for the second time! The guys just released their third studio record Phronesis via Century Media Records (purchase/stream the album now via various outlets) this past October, an album that was well-received from critics and fans alike.

It’s significant for the fact that it is the final Monuments album (read our review of Phronesis right here) to feature vocalist Chris Barretoo who departed Monuments just at the beginning of July due to personal reasons. We caught up with the lads ahead of their upcoming August 2019 tour wherein singer Andy Cizek of Makari will be joining them as their fill-in vocalist.

You said you would return, and here you are four years later to give us another riveting show! Are you excited as we are to make more memories in South Africa and wow audiences?
John Browne: Fuck yeah! Excited to make it to Cape Town too! Those cunts deserve a good show!

What can we expect from the upcoming tour? Will you be playing the punchy riffs of Phronesis or a mixture of tracks from the back catalogs?

Browne: We will be playing songs from all albums! A little bit of everything for everyone!

Off of Phronesis, here is the lyric video for Monuments’ “Mirrors:”

Let’s talk about Phronesis; it’s different from any prior works. It’s also far angrier. How and why was there a change to the sound?

Browne: The album had a lot more ideas from Olly (Steele), whereas the first two albums are 99 percent my writing musically. As far as it being angrier, we’re getting older, angrier and fatter. Seems like it was a natural progression!

The drums were tracked by Anup Sastry even though he is no longer in the band. Will he be a frequent contributor to Monuments and perhaps join a tour or so?

Browne: It made sense to go with Anup because we’re good friends and he was part of the band when the album was being written. If anything ever happens, then we would obviously give him a call.

What has the overall reception for Phronesis been like so far?

Browne: It’s been great honestly. We’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, South America and now South Africa on this album! So I guess people like it!

Monuments’ third studio record, Phronesis, was released October 5th, 2018, via Century Media Records:

Monuments have toured extensively for The Amanuensis, and now with Phronesis too. What lessons did you learn from the previous tour and what are you doing differently on the current tour?

Browne: We’ve learned that we don’t do six-month-long tours, otherwise, we get injured! We’re honestly pretty easy as long as we get a bed. Bad sleep generally means you can’t function. Also no pizza before stage!

The last time the band played in South Africa, there was also a little tourist excursion. What are you keen to see or experience the second time around?

Browne: Excited to experience a different part of the world again. It’s always great to get out of the shire and not hear about Brexit.

Upcoming South African Tour Dates: (In association with Turning Tricks Entertainment.) Tickets can be purchased, right here.

08/09 – Mercury Live, Cape Town, SA (w/ Deity’s Muse and Thread of Omen)
08/10 – Platteland, Centurion, SA (w/ Deity’s Muse and Red Helen)

Don’t go “A.W.O.L.” on us now. Listen to another track from Phronesis: