Are you Strong Like Bull? Well, if you’re not then maybe our exclusive premiere of this Kansas City rock band’s new music video “Live While You Can” will do the trick. This is the not only the four-piece’s brand new single but also their debut single which you can also pre-order/pre-save now via various outlets. If you also like cool merch then check out Strong Like Bull’s official website.

As for the track and music, this is straight and pure old school rock n’ roll at its best, from a group that comes from the rural environments of motorcycle rallies, rod runs, and all-night keggers. The roots of Strong Like Bull’s sound extends back to the early 1970s when rock was something your parents hated and, if you’re old enough, you would have been defying their every instruction and pumping your fist in your air, either in your room or out at a gig.

Commenting on the song, the group’s Dave Gray said, “‘Live While You Can’ is a song about not letting anyone keep you from living your life like you want to…including yourself. We give ourselves more reasons that we shouldn’t do something we want to than anyone else does. We’re supposed to know what we want to do with our lives, have a career by 22, and anything else we think society has told us we need to do to be normal. Just be yourself. Live your own life. Don’t let someone else’s fears or your own fears hold you back. ‘You build your own cage. You carve your own jail…. You get one time around, you’ve got to understand, you build your own prison…gotta live while you can.’” Those are certainly words anyone could live by!

See the trailer for the band’s new video:

Fans of AC/DC, Jackyl, Buckcherry, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Metallica and the like will find a lot to chew on with Strong Like Bull. Each band member has their own distinct influences, but you get the idea of where these guys are coming from. And this is the perfect track for your Friday; if you had to think of what cracking open your first cold one this evening sounds like in music, then this would be it. So if you’re ready to fire up that engine, then let’s go and celebrate what rock n’ roll is all about!

Show Dates:

07/26 – Wichita, KS – w/ Them Evils
08/31 – Lake Perry – Paradise Point, Ozawkie, KS – w/ Shaman’s Harvest

Check out the artwork for Strong Like Bull’s debut single “Live While You Can:”

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