Lekker? Lekker!

For every South African, “lekker” is a stand-alone phrase used to mean a multitude of things from “awesome” to “good.” In this case, the Johannesburg-based trio, Go The Rodeo, so aptly titled their 12-track album Lekker Chilled.

As vocalist and guitarist Corné van Niekerk says, “The name of the album encapsulates the band’s collective outlook on life, and their style of music. I put a lot of thought into the name of the album, and was looking for something appropriate that would tie all our music together. We had a meeting about the album, and [drummer] Craig [Atkinson] just said, let’s call it Lekker Chilled. It stuck, and that’s what we went with.”

The progressive electro rock band have been up and coming on the South African music scene since the early days of 2017 and have since had audiences captured – hook, line and sinker – from varying genres. The radio-friendly and smooth vocals of Corné carry from the get go on “Lost Poet.” The deeper and darker tracks like “Devil On My Shoulder” and “Give Me Black” are sure to be anthems for those going through some heavy emotions. There’s some highlight tracks [personal favourites if you must know] like “Sea Dog” which may sound familiar as it’s Go The Rodeo’s first single that was released in 2017. There are also a number of guests featuring too on the album; Matt and Trevor Wentworth from Our Last Night (United States) and Warwick Rautenbach from Hellcats (South Africa). There’s also a special mention to the tight drumming from Craig as well as bass and keyboard by Robert Mitchley.

Check out the band’s video for the song “Never C Your Face Again” here:

Nobody is safe from Go The Rodeo fever – the music is catchy, sexy plus transcends genre and generations. The album quality is also top-notch with high production values and superb flow. If you don’t believe me, prepare for some lekker ear candy as we proudly give you the worldwide release of Go The Rodeo’s album.

Here it is, the full stream of Lekker Chilled ready for you to gobble up:

The guys’ album, Lekker Chilled, is out on July 26th, 2019: