Let us help rev up your day with a taste of Italian melodic death metal with our exclusive premiere of 5RAND’s highly anticipated new single “Old Angel Midnight.” The single comes a full two months prior to the release of the group’s sophomore effort Dark Mother, scheduled to drop on September 6th via powerhouse label Time To Kill Records. Lucky enough for you, you can pre-order the album now via the label’s official website. With Dark Mother, 5RAND stay true to the wheels they set in motion with their debut record by remaining consistent with their diverse, catchy style of metal, pulling elements of melodic death metal and industrial through eleven relentless and crushing tracks. The band also has a big fan in Francesco Ferrini, keyboardist and songwriter for Fleshgod Apocalypse who provided arrangements for the album track “Silent Spring.”

With an insightful comment regarding “Old Angel Midnight” and the track’s music video, 5RAND vocalist Julie Elenoir said, “This is a crime story, the tale of a death sentence, a story of negligence and abuse, a horrific felony. It’s hard to believe that it has actually happened or that human beings have even been capable of committing such atrocities. The weirdest thing is that it looked just like a nightmare: nobody could believe that the end was so near… but now everything’s real. It’s hard to believe it sometimes. I hope you enjoy it!” Dark Mother has a scorching and complete sound, thanks to the production of longtime collaborator Marco Mastrobuono at Kick Recording Studio and Blook Recording Studio, who has also worked with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour of Penance.

If you’re interested in hearing what some older 5RAND material sounds like, well we got you covered for that too. Check out the band’s music video for “Erase” from their first album, Sacred/Scared.

You may be curious to know the origins of the band’s rather original name. It actually comes from a strange story that happened to 5RAND guitarist Pierluigi Carocci several years ago when on a random summer evening in his hometown when he met a strange man who claimed to be a shaman. They both spent a good portion of the night socializing over some drinks. When Carocci mentioned that it was his dream to form a heavy metal band, the man gave him a ‘5Rand’ coin from South Africa as a lucky charm. When offering the coin, he said, “If you make sure that every step is in the direction of the mountain, you’ll get there.” With such a profound statement, there was no longer any doubt for Carocci as to what he would name his band. The story may be unusual, but it’s also rather inspirational and really shows that you never know what life is going to throw your way.

Dark Mother Track Listing:

01. Collapsing Theory
02. Embrace the Fury
03. Several Injuries
04. The Awakening
05. Black Ocean
06. Cold Deception
07. Feel the End
08. Old Angel Midnight
09. Blind Addiction
10. Before the Flood
11. Silent Spring

Dark Mother will be released September 6th and this is the album’s cover art: