There are two types of bands that blow up: the ones that push boundaries, and those that excel in their genre. Widmore, despite their claims that they want to “break down all genre barriers,” sound very much like the latter approach. This isn’t a bad thing: what they do, they do very well. But it is very clear that what you are listening to on the five-song Hostile EP (pre-save now on Spotify) is a Warped Tour-bound band, albeit one that is less hair dye-obsessed and more focused on their music. It’s a refreshing approach, one that made acts like The Used and AFI so phenomenally popular in their hey day.

But reinventing the wheel, it is not. There is the tested and true yin/yang of abrasive screaming and melodic singing, the familiar riffing and emotive lyrics, the balance of slow, fast and mid-tempo to pull the listener in; there isn’t anything that sounds vastly different from anything you’ve heard before.

That said, what sets Widmore apart is they do what they do very well. “The End” is a catchy single, and showcases their ability to deliver punishing riffs, rending emotional angst, and spellbinding rhythm. While the band maintain their interest in R&B and hip-hop influences, these aren’t front and centre. Instead, what the listener gets is a very talented group of guys who are clearly having fun. And why shouldn’t they, dammit? Who am I to judge?

“The End” is the lead single from Hostile, along with the introductory track “Welcome.”

If you like clean singing with your screaming, get into Widmore—they’re about to blow up, and for good reason. Check out our recent feature wherein the band list their five fave upcoming Canadian metal/metalcore groups.

Hostile Track Listing:

01. Welcome
02. The End
03. –
04. Has Been
05. Here All Along

Run Time: 10:47
Release Date: June 28, 2019
Record Label: Self-Released