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After a brief time away, Athens, Greece quartet Deaf Radio just made a welcome return earlier this month with the release of their brand new single, “Astypalea.” We previously introduced you to Deaf Radio at the beginning of 2018 with a free song download of “Aggravation” off of their debut, nine-track record Alarm. “Astypalea” is the first single to be revealed from the band’s sophomore effort which is still without a title and due out later this year. “Astypalea” is a captivating look at what’s to come from these talented desert/heavy rockers which you can download now via their official Bandcamp page.

“Astypalea” was written on the rooftop of old churches on the very small and secluded island of the same name. Lyrically speaking, it’s about the connections and experiences between each member of Deaf Radio with that defining desert rock feel and sound. Following the release of Alarm, the group toured through a lot of Europe in both 2017 and 2018, playing over thirty cities in total which only fueled their desire to get back and quickly record a new record. With a new single out and a new release on the way this fall, what better time than now to familiarize you more with Deaf Radio? Enjoy this Stereo Six feature wherein they band list six albums that helped shape “Astypalea,” as well as their soon-to-come second album.

First off, have a listen to Deaf Radio’s brand new single, “Astypalea.”

01. The Black Angels – Passover (2006, Light In The Attic Records)
– A must-listen album for all psychedelic rock lovers that has already become a classic. These talented guys hold the best recipe for building addictive melodies under a haunting blanket. They will always be an inspiration to us, not only for the music but for their meaningful lyrics and attitude as well.

02. Ataxia – Automatic Writing (2004, Record Collection)
– It must have been 2006 when our fifteen-year-old selves got our hands on a CD of the “side project of the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist” as those who gave us the disc said. Written within two weeks, it is so raw but powerful and honest to the point it almost felt terrifying back then. John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer and Fugazi’s Joe Lally achieve a dystopian cataclysm by the simplest possible means, following a, “music isn’t always beautiful” recipe. It might not be clear on first listen but this album has shaped us as a band both.

03. Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007, Self-Released)
– Deep as an ocean and infinitely melodic, this album is in our view the apogee of Radiohead’s creations. It’s impossible to count how many times it’s been played through our headphones but we can safely argue that it has massively influenced us.

Check out the snazzy cover artworks for the six albums Deaf Radio picked:

Stereo Six: Athens Quartet DEAF RADIO List Their Primary Inspirations When Creating Their New Single “Astypalea”

04. Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation (1988, Enigma Records)
– Teenagerhood albums like this (and other classics such as Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasure and Nirvana’s In Utero) have profoundly influenced us and made writing and performing rock music an irresistible temptation.

05. Idles – Joy As An Act of Resistance (2018, Partisan)
– A “how to play punk (and sound fresh) today” guide. Or a demonstration of why socio-political lyrics are still so relevant, especially in the case of the Bristolians. Simply put, our favourite album in recent times. Their energy is overwhelming but they don’t lack some more introvert moments. Let’s hope they’re both here to stay.

06. [Curveball] Moderat – II (2013, Monkeytown)
– It may seem a bit out there but we are indeed big fans of Moderat. Not only do we love their music but we have also been influenced by it, mostly in terms of vocal lines. What’s more, that atmospheric, dreamy feel of some of the album’s tracks, like “Therapy,” is also an element we love and tend to use in our own way in our music.

If you’re feeling “Trapped,” free yourself with this track from Deaf Radio’s debut album Alarm:

We’re seeing four for some reason… Check out the artwork for the new single “Astypalea.”


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