On the release day for his new single “Bleeding Orange”, Dave Tamkin is giving us an inside scoop into the meaning behind the song, his journey as a singer-songwriter, influences and inspirations, and more. Read below to learn why “Bleeding Orange” is one of our favorite summer releases thus far.
Tell us more about the unique story and inspiration behind “Bleeding Orange”.
I’m driving south from Omaha, NE to Kansas City and NPR is encouraging all their listeners to keep their wild flowers growing as the Monarch Butterflies needs them most this time of year as they are migrating south. As I’m listening my windshield is crushing all these butterflies at 75 miles an hour. After a quick car wash, I get back on the road to satellite radio playing “Running Down a Dream” by Tom Petty. They would soon announce that he just passed away. I grew up listening to Petty with my cousin and had recently saw his last tour at Wrigley Field in Chicago with my family. This song is a tip of the hat to him as I weave in his song titles, where he grew up and how he inspired me as musician. It’s also an apology to all the dreams I crushed on my windshield. 
What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome in pursuing your dream as an artist?
Diversifying your craft in order to make a living is something I learned very early. I’ve been fortunate to be able to be creative in other fields while always taping into what works well in my music career. The hardest challenge is always pushing myself to show up for songs rather than waiting for songs to show up for me. Now more than ever, I make the time to write, sing, sit down and work to know my instruments a little more each day.
What is your favorite lyrical line in the song?
“When will my heart age to match my reflection” 
You cited that the song was inspired by Tom Petty’s songs. What other songwriters/musicians do you draw inspiration from as an artist?
I’ve been listening to Vulfpeck and The Fearless Flyers like crazy this last few months. I hope to tap into more of that energy as I work on new songs the rest of this year. I can’t stop smiling every time I hear them. The feeling I get when I hear them is the same inspiring feeling that I had when I first heard Ani DiFranco play guitar. 
What can fans expect next?
Hopefully more smiles. I’m crawling out of a deep hole that I’ve dug over the last few years. I’ve recently lost my Father back in January and for whatever reason I feel like he pushed the reset button for me. I was very close to my Dad and miss him very much. As I’m slowly getting back into my daily routines after being back in Chicago for so long, I’m noticing that I won’t do the things that don’t bring me joy or somehow brings joy to others. Life is short and I hope the new songs bring people more smiles in their life.
Connect with Dave Tamkin:
Website . Instagram . Twitter . Spotify .
Website . Instagram . Twitter . Spotify .
Website . Instagram . Twitter . Spotify .

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