How about some electro-rock for you on this fine afternoon? Allow us to get you more familiar with Megan Morrison, or as she goes by professionally, Morrison, via our exclusive premiere of her new video for “9 Lives.” The “9 Lives” single, which you can purchase or stream now via services such as iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora, comes from Morrison’s debut solo record, Appetite For Freedom, due out this summer. The introspective “9 Lives” is a song that offers listeners’ a glimpse into the singer’s tumultuous past, and some of the inner turmoil that she has valiantly overcome.

Regarding the new single, Morrison had the following to say: “Life is beautiful, but it can also be very painful. ‘9 Lives’ is about finding that beauty through the suffering and turning it into something extraordinary. I had visions in my head for this video, pretty much right after I wrote the song. I didn’t know how or where we were going to shoot it, but I knew what it needed to look like. I found a great stage to shoot part of it on and the rest was shot in my back yard and on a little road right next to my house. It took a lot of creative effort and imagination to put everything together, but we created something hauntingly beautiful.”

Now that you’re interest’s piqued, check out the video for the popular song, “Heart on Fire.”

Born in Maine and raised in nearby Massachusetts, Morrison was born to be a performer. She’s not only a musician, but she also is a highly talented actor and model. Megan, as she was known then, began to show her vocal abilities in her teenage years, performing regularly in high school and college musicals. This interest in music led her to study classical vocal performance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst before transferring to New York City’s Hunter College which precipitated her pursuit of a Broadway musical theatre career. Never one to rest on her laurels, Megan also began singing in rock and punk bands in her spare time which helped guide her towards what she truly wanted to do.

Upon moving south to Miami, Megan joined her first rock band, Dorothy’s Surrender who released their debut EP Late Bloomer in 2012. That group disbanded three years later which led to a stint in folk rock band Revlover who recorded a nine-track debut that was never released. It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that Megan really started to focus on her solo career. As a recovering alcoholic, the singer’s songwriting has helped her redirect her emotions and experience into something productive and positive. With such experience, talent and Appetite For Freedom on its way soon, nothing is going to hold back Megan Morrison from reaching her goals, no matter how grand they may be.

Upcoming Show Date:

06/08 – The Barnacle Historic State Park – 6 PM (Presented by Starseed – Vie Boheme Productions)


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