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Kingston Rockers JIMBO Get Political on Their Fiery New Single “Mamawawa” [Song Premiere]

Penned after attending a controversial speech by Jordan Peterson, Kingston, Ontario art rock group JIMBO unveil their fiery and politically-charged new single, “Mamawawa.”



Let us introduce you to the budding Kingston, Ontario-based band, JIMBO. The group, who sell fiery and bluesy psychedelic rock or, as they put it, ”No bullshit, just art rock,” are ramping up to release their sophomore EP, Where The Vultures Gather, on July 12th, 2019. Today, in support of the pending album, we’re stoked to have partnered with the dudes to debut their new, politically-charged single, “Mamawawa,” an acronym for the psychological theory “men are men and women are women assumption.”

“Mamawawa,” as a song, discusses the riot which erupted at Queen’s University thanks to a controversial speech (full video here) by psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson, and event which the band members Alex Van Der Heyden (vocals/bass) and Joe Narducci (guitar) attended. They were kind enough to elaborate on the song’s creation and concept:

“It became clear that there was no real dialogue between the Social Justice Warriors trying to shut down Peterson and the people who came out to hear him talk. The rioters shouted offensive slurs and violently banged on the walls and windows of the lecture hall. This just resulted in Jordan Peterson shouting louder into the microphone and his followers cheering and becoming more supportive of his side of the argument. It was like watching the divide in our society getting wider and wider and it was pretty heartbreaking.”

Regardless of whatever “Mamawawa” means, this song sure rocks damn hard!

JIMBO, who’s music can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here, also includes drummer Jacob Tessier and formed in 2017 thanks to a collective appreciation for alternative and psychedelic rock, poetic lyrics, and creative songwriting.

And, to send you off, the group “strives to create and perform rock music with dramatic artistic value that blurs between dark psychedelia, which draws inspiration from groovy fusion, hard rock, goth rock and shoegaze. Their goal is to first and foremost be musicians and artists that are able to create an immersive musical experience that will have a lasting effect on their fans. JIMBO aims to create rock music that pays respect to the past, acknowledges the future but makes the listener dissolve in the present.”

JIMBO and I are, like, totally “Each Into the Other.”

Yo! The Where The Vultures Gather EP drops on July 12th, 2019. Mark it down.

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