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Ready for some space-age rock? We know you are which is why we are offering up a free song download of Hypnosister’s latest intergalactic rocker, “Breathe.” We previously introduced you to Hypnosister in a special edition of Geared Up where the band’s mastermind Damian Hughes discussed his guitars and effects pedals.

If the name Damian Hughes also rings a bell, it’s because Hughes was previously the guitarist and songwriter behind Leeds psychedelic grunge group Allusondrugs. Following his departure from that band, Hughes focused on crafting his own music, settling on an ambitious, space-pop project he would later call Hypnosister. As the name may suggest, the solo project features some fuzzed up and spaced out guitars in the spirit of My Bloody Valentine, combined with the giant-sized rock choruses of a Nirvana and the heart-wrenching lyricism of Neutral Milk Hotel. This is just about the most unique of unique rock music you’re ever going to hear!

After releasing several singles and playing a bunch of local shows, Hypnosister drew the attention of XFM’s John Kennedy (no, not that one), Punktastic and Upset Magazine. Hughes delves into some of the darker aspects of human nature while painting a vast and lonely picture. He has already taken Hypnosister on the road which created a lot of positive momentum for the project, which he is currently riding the wave of. With an EP, a well-established reputation and a wave of momentum, Hypnosister is a musical project you’ll be hearing a lot about.

Make sure to also check out the lyric video for “Breathe.”

Hughes released his debut self-titled EP via Sleep All Day Productions back towards the end of 2018, an EP in which you will find the track “Breathe.” (Be sure to stream or grab a copy via Bandcamp.

With an exclusive comment on the track, Hughes said, “‘Breath’ was actually the first song I wrote that was intended specifically for Hypnosister. In a nutshell, it’s about finding out who your real friends are. At the time I was starting to care less and less about whether or not people were going think my songs were ‘acceptable’ or whether they followed the rules you had to follow in order to be cool.

‘These days I don’t really care at all about any of that stuff and I feel like this song, in particular, was a point at which I really started being able to let myself explore some things that I would have been too embarrassed about doing before. We mustn’t put too much importance on what other people might think of us. All these rules and worries are made up and are only there to keep us down. Realize and accept that you have no control over another person’s opinion of you and learn to be unafraid of it, you will be liberated and able to do much more of what truly fulfills you.”

Check out the artwork for Hypnosister’s recently released self-titled EP.