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Castro Valley, California’s Hot Box Weather is a one-man post-emo/alternative band from the mind of Patrick Mays. Playing all the instruments and performing vocals, while writing the music and self-producing and recording his debut album, No Truth (available to stream/purchase here), Pat wears a lot of hats in Hot Box Weather, and the result is a tightly cohesive product that resides in the melodic nooks of 2000’s emotional rock.

A project in the making for almost a decade, Hot Box Weather is an attempt to navigate the universally experienced emotions of insecurity, loneliness, and the feeling of being misunderstood. As Pat says, “most of the songs I’ve written have been about loss, and letdowns, but finding hope in the recovery process.” And, as audiences can attest to, his punchy, hooky tracks are soaked in some heavy and dark themes, but the triumphant energies of hope and beauty are really what shines through.

“I Know You” know that I know that you know.

”I Know You” is the most popular track off of No Truth and a good representation of the band’s nostalgic and relatable music. So take a quick trip down memory lane with the tune and enjoy the ride. On the song’s genesis, Pat had this to say: “the track is about an imaginary night in my hometown of Castro Valley. It was inspired by a girl I really cared about at the time. Nothing ever happened, but the song reminds me of our time spent together.”

Upcoming Shows:

07/13 – Pinole, CA @ A House Show
07/25 – Cupertino, CA @ Homestead Bowl & The X Bar

The eleven-track No Truth dropped on March 12th, 2019. Check out the artwork: