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Let’s take you out east for some Maritimes punk rock with a free song download from New Brunswick’s Frig Dancer for their song “Dirtbag Cat.” The track is featured on the duo’s debut full-length record, Hot Garbage, which was released via Hibernation Release (buy here) in the United States and Ancient Temple Recordings (buy here) in Canada.

Frig Dancer started rather simplistically over a few beers and lots of time to kill on a brutally cold winter night and that vibe is reflected in their sound. When the band first got started, both singer/guitarist Scott Miller and drummer Andrew Martin had previously been members of the grind/sludge group Anthesis for eleven years. Just because Frig Dancer is here though does not mean the end of Miller and Martin’s time in Anthesis, as they have carried on with the loud and heavy riffage that they so artistically specialize in as members of that band. No, Anthesis continues to carry on, Miller and Martin just wanted to pursue their own musical project full of catchy and melodic riffs, but also just as raw as you might expect.

Listen to “Dry Throbber,” another big track off Hot Garbage:

Commenting on “Dirtbag Cat,” Miller stated, “…‘Dirtbag Cat’ is a funny song to us. A special one on Hot Garbage. We had finished tracking our planned fifteen songs for the album and we had a bit of studio time to spare. Instead of packing our gear up, we decided to attempt to write and record a brand new song there on the spot. We threw a couple ideas back and forth and wrote out a quick structure. Within about 15 or 20 minutes we had a few takes of the song and the instrumentation was done on what would become ‘Dirtbag Cat.’ Lyrically, Andrew wrote about his somewhat new pet kitty and how much of a thieving dirtbag he is. Stealing food, sleeping in his litter box, just living that garbage life. Funny enough, a song that was put together that quickly is a favourite to play for both of us….”

Hot Garbage is a worthy debut for Frig Dancer, featuring sixteen catchy tracks of melodic punk rock that are entwined with the sensibilities of grunge and the attitude of hardcore. It’s an album anyone could relate to, well of course providing you seek to enjoy your pointless existence, you hate your job, but you love your pets. Hot Garbage is quite an accomplishment for a mere duo, but somehow Miller and Martin pull it off with only a guitar and drums. The two of them wrote, recorded and mastered the entire album on their own over the course of last year. Along the way, they may have been assisted by a few six-packs, consumed mostly at Ancient Temple Recordings in Frig Dancer’s native Quispamsis, New Brunswick.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

07/11 – Moncton, New Brunswick @ No Funswick (view details via Facebook)

Have a look at the cover art for Hot Garbage, released May 17th, 2019.


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