Can you believe how the time flies? It’s already been twenty years since the release of hard rock band Filter’s breakthrough record, Title of Record, and that can mean only one thing… A deluxe 20th anniversary reissue is on the way! Due out August 9th, the special edition will feature an all-new remastered album, and aside from the traditional CD and digital releases, for the first time ever, Title of Record will be available on vinyl! You can pre-order the album now via Craft Recordings right here.

Aside from the much needed remaster this awesome record deserves, it will also feature four bonus tracks. “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” will be among one of these special bonus tracks, a track that Filter originally recorded along with The Crystal Method for the classic soundtrack for the film Spawn. Also included will be “Jurassitol,” previously released on The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, along with remixes of Title of Record’s second single “Take a Picture (H&H Remix,” and the third single “The Best Things (Humble Brothers Remix).” Both the two-LP release, and CD will feature new liner notes by author, journalist, and Side Jams podcast host Bryan Reesman. The expanded digital album also offers five additional rarities, including a live version of “Take A Picture,” “The Best Things (Dub Pistols Club Mix)” and more.

“Welcome To The Fold” is one of the heaviest rockers you’ll find on Title of Record.

First released in 1999, Title of Record was a sonic breakthrough for Filter, coming off the success the band had found with its debut outing, Short Bus, the 1995 debut which blended industrial pop with post-grunge metal and became a best-seller thanks to the hit single “Hey Man Nice Shot.” After four years as the touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails, Richard Patrick formed Filter in 1993 with guitarist and programming expert Brian Liesegang.

Even though Liesegang left after only two years, Patrick nailed down the Filter lineup after bringing in two of his touring band members, guitarist Geno Leonardo and bass player Frank Cavanaugh. Drummer Steven Gillis worked as a studio drummer and the album featured other collaborators such as D’Arcy Wretzky of Smashing Pumpkins and cellist Erick Remschneider (Veruca Salt, Smashing Pumpkins, Plain White T’s.

The original artwork for the album, originally released August 24th, 1999.

Listening to the album again, 20 years later, Patrick reflects, “Title of Record is Filter’s crowning achievement. Our signature album. It’s amazing how much I loved making this record even though it almost killed me.” What Patrick is referring to is the tumultuous recording process, marked by strife between bandmates, Richard Patrick’s struggles with substance abuse, and a tumultuous affair between Patrick and Wretzky (which was anonymously woven into many of the songs on the album, including “Miss Blue,” “It’s Gonna Kill Me” and “I’m Not the Only One”). In the reissue’s liner notes, Patrick recalls, “My behavior started getting worse, and my temper would flare up. It was hard dealing with me high…and coming down from that.”

Upon its release, Title of Record was a commercial victory, peaking at the Number 30 spot on the Billboard 200, and opening the door for nearly a year of touring by the band. The album also won wide critical acclaim. Entertainment Weekly declared that Filter’s “Attention to melody and craft is refreshing,” while Rolling Stone praised Richard Patrick as, “The most expressive and daring of the new industrial rockers, the most willing to expose the vulnerability that lurks behind the jackboots and black leather trench coat.” Following off the success of Title of Record, Filter has recorded five other albums, while Patrick also formed the supergroup Army of Anyone with Dean and Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots. Just last year, Liesegang reunited with Patrick and the two are currently working on a new album together.

The biggest commercial hit from Title of Record… “Take A Picture.”