The “Days of Dread” are upon us. But they’re really not all that “dreadful,” not if we’re talking about our exclusive premiere of the Dutch death metallers Burial Remains’ latest song “Days of Dread.” The song arrives courtesy of the group’s brand new EP Trinity of Deception, coming on July 12th. You can pre-order the record now via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Despite the fact that Trinity of Deception is their full-length debut record, the four men who encompass this old school death metal ensemble are no strangers to this genre of music, or the industry. Burial Remains includes members of Fleshcrawl and Grim Fate, Disintegrate and Boal. Not ones to pass up the opportunity to work with such a collection of musicians, the death metal label Transcending Obscurity Records took notice and signed Burial Remains to a record contract last year.

Whether it’s intentionally reflective of the world today or not, “Days of Dread” is a pretty poignant:

With a lot of excitement surrounding the release of their EP, the band commented, “Trinity Of Deception is a steamroller of an album and it’s totally old school death metal. The music, lyrics, and artwork (see below) all blend together in an occult theme. We put heart and soul in creating a piece of fucking brutal, energetic, death metal. All the hard work made Trinity Of Deception come out even better than we had hoped. We hope this is the start of great things for Burial Remains.” You can be pretty certain of that final point after hearing what they have to offer with “Days of Dread.”

Along with the already high reputations of the band members, Trinity of Deception also includes the guest vocal talents of Ralf Hauber of Revel In Flesh and Heads For The Dead as well as the mixing and mastering prowess of Jonny Pettersson of Wombbath and Heads For The Dead. Every aspect of this release that you can think of, including the excellent artwork from Mortuus Art of Sadistik Forest, has been overseen by those with very high reputations in their field.

Want some more? Listen to Burial Remains’ “Crucifixion of the Vanquished,” also from Trinity of Deception.

Musically speaking, this is a devastating, old school death metal release that could stand right up beside other greats such as Carnage, Entombed and Grave. Where things become different is that Trinity of Deception is faster, hungrier and even more energetic. There’s no playing it safe with this one; this is a full-on death metal assault that is sure to get you psyched for future releases from this group of industry veterans.

Trinity of Deception Track Listing:

01. Crucifixion of the Vanquished
02. They Crawl
03. Trinity of Deception
04. March of the Undead
05. Burn With Me
06. Days of Dread
07. Tormentor

Check out the killer artwork for Trinity Of Deception created by Mortuus Art (Sadistik Forest):