Leeds grunge-rock band AllUsInLove are one of the many groups taking to the stage on the hallowed turf of Donington Park Race Track at Castle Donington when Download Festival returns in a couple of weeks so we spoke Jemal from the band to find out not only if they’re ready for Download but, more importantly, why Download should be ready for AllUsInLove.

You’re doing Download Festival this June, are you ready for the Download crowd?
Jemal: Absolutely! We played a few years ago under a different guise and the crowd were mental, chanting “Castleford! Castleford! Castleford!” This year it’s gonna be bigger and wilder than ever so we can’t wait. We are ready to leave everything we’ve got on that stage, hopefully this time less of Jason’s stomach contents though.

What are you expecting from Download and what can fans expect from you ?
Jemal: We expect there to be the kind of energy Download is renowned for. It’s prestigious, literally the biggest rock and metal bands in the world play this festival so to be a part of that billing is an honour and that is the kind of energy people can expect from us. Playing music is our passion so, to get to do it on that platform we will leave nothing less than our hearts and souls on that stage.

We’re sure The Avalanche Stage will be full of “All Good People” when AllUsInLove turn up to play:

What is your experience of festivals as a band and as a punter? Any favourite stories?
Jemal: We’ve played a tonne of festivals all over the country, from the big names to the smaller festivals and two things always prevail. Firstly, they are always a good time, the vibe they create just gives you that bit more when you are playing, you wanna be the best thing that those people have seen at the festival and you want those people to leave it talking about it.

[S]econdly, the crowds always have some way to surprise you, from when we first played Reading and we were relatively unknown but there were still people with our band name on a sign and having people singing songs back to you, dancing just all collectively enjoying that experience in that moment that’s what makes festivals so special. Oh, also, the Thai food van that does most of these festivals does one of the best Thai Green curries I’ve ever had so there’s always that.

You changed your name to AllUsInLove recently, what are your thoughts on Download’s new Mental Health initiative “Mind The Dog” which they are launching this year?
Jemal: Anything that brings some attention and breaks the barrier between mental health and feeling comfortable talking about it is an incredible step in the right direction. It’s a really good opportunity to spread some good mental health practices just being able to understand your own mental health and having ways to look after it and be mindful of others that might be feeling a similar way, learn to love yourself and then love each other.

We chose the title “It’s OK To Talk” for our first album. That song helped us sum up and release exactly what was hurting us mentally at the time. It’s a very important phrase and hashtag on the mental health front – not enough people feel confident to talk about what it is that is hurting them, so many of us will bottle up our emotions in order to not seem vulnerable. Many of us will turn to drugs and alcohol or unhealthy food in order to cope.

The truth is, we are all vulnerable, we all hurt and we all need someone to talk to. Don’t suffer in silence. If you’re not feeling up to the task of emptying your emotions on a set of ears, then simply just play our music, or any other music – we guarantee this will help. Life can be stressful, and it’s awesome that Download are going to help give people the tools to deal with it.

AllUsInLove release their It’s OK To Talk album on June 7, 2019 and you can pre-order your copy here.

What is your favourite thing about going to a festival in the UK?
Jemal: The sheer number of amazing bands you get to see and the unique experience that festival show will offer, no two shows are the same and that is 100% what makes it so special.

If you could make one change to festivals from your experiences what would it be?
Jemal: The removal of onions and anything that contains it from every single food stand and every single rider… I fucking hate onions.

Do you have any other festival appearances lined-up?
Jemal: Yes quite a few actually! Hit The North, Sound City, Stag and Dagger, The Great Escape, Oberkumpf, Behave, 2000 Trees, YNOT and Weightless are all festivals we will be appearing at and we look forward to every single one of them!

What advice would you give to someone going to their first festival this Summer?
Jemal: Drink plenty of water and if we are playing make sure you’re at our tent with Irn Bru.

What five items can’t you live without at a festival?
Jemal: I’m glad you think I even have 5 items to take! Pillow, Phone, Sunglasses, Old Spice Wolfthorn and a map with the location of the Thai Food Van.

Download Festival. You’re going up against over a hundred other bands, why should fans come and check you out?
Jemal: We live and breathe to play shows live it’s about all of us sharing that moment together, if you want to be moved both physically and emotionally then be prepared for maximum energy.

AllUsInLove will be appearing on The Avalanche Stage on Sunday June 16, 2019. Check out their video for “All My Love” here:


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