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It’s a common trait. A lot of classic and popular songs have been born of tragedy. And many of these songs tend to be sad or melancholy, not only in the lyrical content, but also in tone. But for Patrick Morris, and his pseudonym Class Photo, his latest single “Hard Conversation” is a bouncy, indie-pop tune that delves deep into the tragic loss of his parents. The song itself (which you can buy here) might remind you of early Weezer, Luna and Imperial Teen, and features jangly acoustic guitars, handclaps and breezy harmonies with lyrics that dive deep into longing and the outreach for understanding.

Morris found interesting inspiration when he was writing the lyrics for “Hard Conversation.” After his mother died, he often would speak to his aunt on the phone, who also happened to be the twin sister of his mother. Their voices were nearly identical, which made it feel as if he was speaking with his mother directly. These frequent conversations inspired the lyrics of the song, words that look into the confrontations that need to happen but continue to be put off just because they stir up substantial and perhaps uncomfortable feelings. In terms of the recording process, it was recorded inside of Morris’ garage when he lived near The Los Angeles International Airport which as you could imagine created tons of air and street traffic all around him. Despite the chaotic atmosphere, Morris created out of it a piece of music that he wouldn’t have exactly been inspired to create within controlled surroundings. His guitars were recorded directly without an amp which led to an almost acoustic-sounding tone.

Peep this short, live clip of Class Photo performing “Hard Conversation” at Krøsset in Oslo, Norway:

Previously a member of the hipster indie rock group STRFKR, Morris had a very large itch when it came to creating and writing his own music, which he couldn’t do within the structure of the band and their relentless touring lifestyle. To truly pursue his solo career, Morris secluded himself in the quiet Scandinavian country of Norway (where his wife is from), where he sequestered himself in his home studio to write and record. Under his Class Photo moniker, Morris previously released the catchy “I’ve Been Cleaning Up Your Room” in February which was his big reveal of Class Photo to everyone. It’s all setting the stage for more new music coming soon from Class Photo. There’s no stopping now with 2019 set to be Morris’ breakthrough year.

The cover artwork for “Hard Conversations” will remind you of the frequent surroundings of your early years at school: