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BLOOD YOUTH is “The Answer” to the Nu-Metal Revival and ‘Starve’ is the Album You’ve Been Waiting For

What UK nu-metal bruisers Blood Youth have done on their Rude Records release, Starve, is extremely impressive and the only place they’re headed is toward the big leagues.



Genres of music usually come in cycles, and nu-metal is no exception. After emerging in the early ‘90s with Korn’s self-titled debut album, the genre eventually found mainstream success shortly thereafter with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and lots more. In fact, Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water (2000), later third album, managed to sell over a million records in its first week of release alone!

While the genre eventually went through a fallow period in the decade to follow (directly correlating with the rise of modern metalcore), nu-metal has never really gone out of style, as bands looking to revive the genre like Sylar and My Ticket Home have done rather well for themselves. Rising from the ashes of beloved (though short-lived) melodic hardcore band Climates, it took UK barnburners Blood Youth very little time to get acclimated (hah!) to the heavy music scene.

Initially starting out as a by-the-numbers melodic hardcore band, Blood Youth – who are fronted by the very adept Kaya Tarsus – are now a far different beast than before. Adding quite a bit of alternative and even nu-metal to their collective palates, it’s frightening just how much the band has matured in a few short years. Is their sophomore album Starve (released on February 22nd, 2019, via Rude Records) a success, though? The answer is a resounding yes. (Red our review of Starve here.)

You’ll be left in no doubt as to the intensity of Starve when you check out “Spineless”.

Starve is a heavy album, both in subject matter and the noises created within. Taking strong influences from peak-era Korn and Slipknot, it should be noted this isn’t a blatant ripoff of the aforementioned bands. Blood Youth’s melodic hardcore sound stands mostly intact, while incorporating and building on some of the alt-metal and nu-metal influences of their debut record.

Riff after menacing riff is the name of the game here, especially on standout track “Keep You Alive.” Its lurching riff and sludgy opening gives way to a heavy chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on, say, Follow The Leader. Of course, this isn’t the only highlight on the record. The title track is a solid introduction to the album, as it’s almost a continuation of the group’s debut recording. Its melodic hardcore influences are still very evident, but when you go deeper down the well, Starve manages to evolve. Vocalist Kaya Tarsus roars with fury on “Spineless,” a track that also exhibits Around The Fur-era Deftones influences in its much-needed injection of melody. Make no mistake, though, it’s probably the heaviest track on the album outside of maybe “Nothing Left” and “Visitant.”

Injecting a strong dose of adrenaline into their melodic hardcore sound, Blood Youth have really created something special on Starve (find all the streaming, download and purchase options a fan could want right here). Equal parts unsettling, introspective, and heavy, Starve is one of the best nu-metal revival albums you’re likely to hear. Outside of some average lyrics, what Blood Youth have done here is extremely impressive, and the only place they’re headed is toward the big leagues.

In case you didn’t catch it above, Starve was released on February 22nd, 2019, via Rude Records.

Upcoming Show Dates:

08/24 – Richfield Avenue, Reading – Reading, United Kingdom

Starve Track Listing:

01. {51/50}
02. Starve
03. Cut Me Open
04. Spineless
05. Nerve
06. The Answer
07. Waste Away
08. {stone.tape.theory}
09. Visitant
10. Keep You Alive
11. Nothing Left
12. Hate
13. Exhale

We can’t stop to “Visitant” this song. Okay, terrible pun, but awesome song: