Friends, why not spend some time with the new Hawkeyes album, Last Light of Future Failure, a week before its officially released!? The new record arrives courtesy of Helmet Lady Records (NA pre-order info here) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK/EU pre-order info here) and features four atmospheric, heavy rock tracks. What you’re about to hear is some pretty amazing, original material, home-brewed in the nether regions of Kitchener, Ontario, a town renowned for its love of summer road construction and sludgy guitar riffs! Jump right ahead to “Nude Karate” and prepare to have your mind blown!

The group’s second full-length album, the follow-up to 2015’s Poison Slows You Down, is a different Hawkeyes. Though four long years have passed between long-players, those keeping score could have charted the band’s growth over the course of sporadic split-releases with psych-brethren Shooting Guns, Radiation Flowers, and their Morricone-esque contribution to the Return Of The Son Of Gutbucket compilation. No longer are Hawkeyes merely a punishing, claustrophobic, maelstrom of doom. 2019 Hawkeyes have no such limits.

The time is NOW! Welcome to the debut Hawkeyes’ riveting new release, Last Light Of Future Failure:

The Heaviness still reigns, but subtlety, texture, and a myriad of other ancillary instruments colour these four swirling tracks in ways previously unheard. The marching, Eastern-tinged “The Lickening” brings listeners back to the classic stoned-nod before the quicksilver freak-out, “Look At ‘Em Scramble,” levels all in its path. “Nude Karate” is legitimately danceable, its fuzzed phasers racing to the finish, battling for air with whirring synths. “Full Of Secrets,” the cinematic full-side closer, reveals itself slowly, like a Kubrick-directed nightmare.

Recorded in their northern headquarters, the Order Of The Ape, by guitarist Ryan Allen, Last Light Of Future Failure is Hawkeyes’ most exceptional work. Without fear or pretense, they have finally delivered on the panoramic interstellar overdrive they’ve been not so quietly mastering since their debut. Hawkeyes are Ryan Allen (guitar), Ron Cybulskie (guitar), Patrick Finch (guitar), Chris Gardner (guitar), Rob Keith (bass), and Stacey Schmitt (drums).

Upcoming Record Release Show Dates:

07/20 – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto
07/27 – Starlight – Waterloo

Check out Hawkeyes performing “Look At ‘Em Scramble” live from the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto:

The artistic new cover art for Last Light Of Future Failure:


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