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Baker’s Dozen with Danny P. – “Not Those Kind of Shrooms” Mushrooms on Toast

After a few months “vacation,” chef Danny P. is back again with a new episode of Baker’s Dozen. With summer nearly here, let’s get those warm days started on the right foot with our recipe for “Not Those Kind of Shrooms” Mushrooms on Toast.



Mushrooms on toast is a simple British and Irish dish served at pretty much any time of the day. Breakfast, lunch or even a cheeky late night snack. Sadly though, it has come to be an almost lost relic when it comes to classic comfort dishes. In theory, this dish is a no-brainer, sauté some mushrooms with perhaps some onions and garlic and let the natural goodness of your mushrooms do the rest. But, of course, with that comes a million different variations (followed by arguments) on what is the correct way to cook this overtly easy snack.

For me, I like to use a nice mix of mushrooms; a trip down to your local market will more than likely unveil a lovely showcase of local fungi for you to pick from. The cremini mushrooms I used are obviously a more common species and offer an earthier and stronger flavor but also have a lower moisture content which gives me the freedom to add more butter and wine to pack in different flavors.

And to finish, I used an enoki mushrooms, a delicate mushroom (meaning only add it at the end to avoid cooking the shit out of it) but incorporates a crisp texture and bright flavor to the dish. Traditionally you wouldn’t normally see butter, wine or blue cheese added, but thanks to my Irish friends at the now defunct Ceili Cottage, the mixture provides a beautiful creamy finish.

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-16 ounces Mixed Mushrooms (I used creminis and enokis)
-1 Shallot, finely diced
-2 Cloves Garlic, finely diced
-1 Tbsp Canola Oil
-3 Tbsp CannaButter
-1 Splash of White Wine
-¼ Cup Crumbled Stilton Cheese (plus 2 Tbsp for Garnish)
-1 Tbsp Dried Thyme
-4 Slices Toasted Sour Dough Bread

Any time of day, a good meal is only a few shrooms away.



Sour Diesel. I don’t know about you, but getting your grubby mitts on Sour Diesel as a teen, made you feel like Indiana Jones when he finally gets the Holy Grail after wading through a bunch of shit. Much like the terrible ditch weed and red-haired “endo” that was offered by greasy bikers back then. A classic ’90s hybrid with heavy Sativa effects makes this a nice everyday bud meaning you can enjoy this, and the dish, any time that you would like. The diesel notes match perfectly with the white wine and blue cheese, obviously, and the earthy back notes carry on with the mushrooms making it the true strain of a carpenter. Get more information via href=””> here.



Step 1: Cut your mushrooms to a uniform size. Depending on what mushroom you choose, cut them to a size suitable to a quick sauté.

Step 2: In a hot frying pan add the canola oil and sweat the garlic and shallot until clear and tender.

Step 3: Add the chopped mushrooms and cook, making sure to move them around in the pan as much as possible to avoid burning. Season to taste.

Step 4: After 2 minutes your mushrooms will be close to being fully cooked. Add the white wine and continue to cook until most of the wine has been cooked out.


Step 5: Turn down the heat by half and add the CannaButter, Thyme, and Stilton. The idea here is to keep everything moving, use a wooden spoon to help it move along, and it will eventually make a creamy sauce.

Step 6: Cut your toast in half and lay of 4 plates. Divide the mushroom mixture between the 4 plates and pour whatever liquid remains over top.

Step 7: Garnish with more crumbled Stilton and serve immediately.

What better way to celebrate today’s new recipe than with Kottonmouth Kings’ “Mushrooms?”

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Danny P. is a Toronto, Canada-based chef with a love for music, food, and baking (both kinds). He may be stuck in the ‘70s, but he is definitely not stuck in his ways. In this series, Dan will bring you some of his favourite recipes for absolutely tasty bake-worthy goods. If you have any comments, suggestions or other inquiries, hit him up on Instagram at @bakersdozenrocks.


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