On the cusp of her debut album Let Me Show You, releasing this Friday, Lydia Persaud is fiercely stepping into the spotlight and making her voice heard. Her recent single “More of Me” embraces a soulful, bluesy vibe that establishes Persaud’s unique blend of soul, folk, and jazz for a revolutionary auditory experience. We had the opportunity to ask Persaud about her recent single and upcoming album. Read below what she had to say about the journey of introducing her music to the world.
What’s the story/inspiration behind “More of Me”?
“More of Me” came from expressing the feeling of someone wanting more of you; more time, more attention. After writing this song I realized that I was simultaneously defending the honesty of being emotionally unavailable towards someone, hence their cry for more. 
What is your favorite lyrical line in the song?
I think my favourite line is “you say it’s easy for me, I could walk away and be free”. I remember those words as being a direct quote from the conversation that inspired this song. 

“There is personal frustration in “More of Me” while wrestling with trust issues and the feeling of being emotional unavailable in relationships.”   

Your debut album is releasing this Friday, what is the message/theme/inspiration behind the album?
Exciting!! So many messages and feelings! Generally I would say that the album Let Me Show You is a window into my heart and my mind. The narrative comes from being a millennial-woman of colour living in North America, while also experiencing being in love and becoming more socially aware.
 What’s your favorite song on the album?
This answer definitely changes every time I listen to the album. I’d have to say that my recent favourite has been “Stay Down”. It’s a song that I wrote a while ago and it turned into something I never imaged. 
As a debut artist, what has the process been like to create your first body of work and share it with fans? What advice can you give to other artists starting out?
Be true to who you are, boldly and unapologetically, for this is what makes you special. 
What can fans expect next?Expect some touring alongside some really fun summer festival appearances! 🙂 
“More of Me” also featured on imPRESSED Spotify Playlist!
Connect with Lydia Persaud:
Twitter . Instagram . Spotify
Twitter . Instagram . Spotify

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