Colorado native Chuck Shadow is an up and coming House producer based in Los Angeles. Chuck creates an eclectic range of house music from a multitude of influences, including, but never limited to, dub, UK garage, and internet-based sound bites, making for a unique and comically enticing collection of tracks. As an Icon Collective alumn and a 10 year veteran on the decks under the pseudonym K-Smash, he is ready to garner his experience performing with Colorado based production companies Got Bass and House of Dub, to rock any booth on any stage. With releases on 3000 Bass, Solmatic Records, and Merge the Music, Chuck Shadow is just getting started.
In the spirit of quick and catchy lyrics of the bass house genre, this track flips the “bro-centric” vibe on its head by giving ladies something to chant along to in the club. In 2019 where girls are taking control of all aspects of their public and private lives, why not club music? This is an anthem for any girl who won’t succumb to the pressure of dating a less than adequate partner. A little profane, a little silly, and easy to dance to, this song will become a staple in any set.