Currently on tour in support of 2016’s 20th anniversary version of Plays Metallica by Four Cellos – a phenomenally creative record, available on iTunes here – the Finnish symphonic metal band Apocalyptica are now revered veterans in the neoclassical metal world.

Known for their stunning musicianship, the group has long-since moved on from their Metallica cover band roots into a fully fledged and original outfit that truly captivates audiences everywhere. In this Top 10 session, the band’s Perttu Kivilaakso joins us to merry together two of his favourite things: heavy metal and kick-ass superheroes. He takes a comic book character and puts them in a killer band; it seems fitting.

Before we get going, do yourself a favour and check out Apocalyptica’s “Enter Sandman.”

01. Punisher & Five Finger Death Punch
Frank Castle is one of the most badass heroes, and could easily be a frontman of any powerful macho group… Five Finger Death Punch comes to my mind first.

02. Loki & Apocalyptica
– I am Loki, or I possibly remind myself of him somehow… always up for tricks and weird ideas. Sneaky and hopefully tons of fun so, Apocalyptica.

03. Deadpool & Bloodhound Gang
Bloodhound Gang’s satire and cynical jokes, and funny and silly stuff they’ve done on stage and beyond are probably closest to this charming, unbelievably idiotic and sexist, yet highly loveable character.

04. Rocket & AC/DC
Rocket is co cute, too cute. Always loved him in comics, but highly adore the MCU version too. I feel… AC/DC… give him a school suit and a guitar and he jumps around the stage like Angus. Perfection!

Okay, I could totally picture an anthropomorphic raccoon on “Thunderstruck.”

05. Ghost Rider & Motörhead
Ghost Rider: bikes, flames, skulls…Motörhead.

06. Thor & Amon Amarth
– Might be too obvious a choice, but Amon Amarth could find some good use for the thunder god himself!

07. Silver Sable and Black Cat & Butcher Babies
– Very clear… do I have to explain? These stunning ladies from Spidey stories are very much like the lovely and wonderful Heidi and Carla of Butcher Babies. More than fitting!

08. Tony Stark & David Bowie
– Not necessarily in his superhero costume, but Tony Stark as a person, how his story was presented in MCU, from a reckless, careless and selfish arms dealer to a sacrificing, more than classy, loving, compassionate man and truly a legend. I really hear him playing next to David Bowie. Especially the material of Bowie’s last Blackstar album.

“Blackstar,” it’s a long one, but damn it’s worth it.

09. Thanos & Rammstein
Thanos isn’t a hero, but still one of the coolest characters. There is no other choice than this one mammoth of a group worth Thanos’ might. Rammstein. Absolutely Rammstein.

10. Dormammu & Behemoth
– Haha, (un)surprisingly it’s easier to pick villains for metal bands but obviously Dormammu and Behemoth would be better than perfect… truly a match made in heaven, or wait… what?!

Apocalyptica Tour Dates:

05/20 – Birmingham, AL @ Lyric
05/21 – Nashville, TN @ Polk at TPAC
05/22 – Columbus, OH @ Southern Theatre
05/23 – Cincinnati, OH @ Taft Theatre
05/24 – Kansas City, MO @ Harrah’s North Kansas City Hotel & Casino
05/25 – Milwaukee, WI @ Pabst Theater
05/26 – Cleveland, OH @ Ohio Theatre – Cleveland
05/27 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall
05/28 – Washington, D.C. @ Lincoln Theatre
05/29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Keswick Theatre
05/30 – Englewood, NJ @ Bergan Performing Arts Center
05/31 – Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun

Plays Mettalica by Four Cellos (Remastered) came out in 2016 on HARMAGEDDON RECORDS.