Celebrating their twentieth year together, melodic doom metal band Helevorn recently unleashed their new album Aamamata and show no signs of slowing down. The Spaniards come to you from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, a paradise-like city located in the Spanish island of Mallorca (Majorca), in the western Mediterranean. If you’re not familiar with it, we suggest you look up some photos on Google because this dope spot may just be your next vacation destination! As you can imagine, the city isn’t exactly a hub for doom metal, but that hasn’t stopped Helevorn from tearing through their own path over the last two decades, which has consisted of countless tours and several albums.

Helevorn’s latest release, the aforementioned Aanamata, dropped earlier this year to a warm reception and may be purchased via Bandcamp; which we highly suggest you do, especially if you’re Canadian, seeing as the band is set to begin their cross-Canada, two-week tour with Mexico’s Majestic Downfall next week. Check those tour dates below and, to hype you up for the trek, Helevorn has offered us a fun, new TOP 10 running down facts about growing up playing metal in Mallorca.

01. Stop Being Doom-Prejudiced
– A lot of non-Spaniard reviewers usually wonder how can we play doom metal living in Mallorca. Why not, buddies? Do you really think that doom is just for northern people? Just try it and compare.

02. Hot Weather = Lots of Fans
– We don’t live in the Caribbean, but from April until October we usually sweat in the rehearsal room. The bad thing is the place where we have our rehearsal room doesn’t turn on the AC until June, so we have a lot of old fans inside.

Got your water wings? Good, you’re about to be hit with some “Blackened Waves.”

03. A Warm Reception?
– Being from Mallorca, we are so scared about the negative degrees we will find out in Canada. Will we survive?

04. To Metal or Not to Metal?
– It’s definitely so weird to play doom metal in Mallorca. A lot of people ask us why we don’t play pop or any other “normal” styles. If I don’t play metal I would play hip-hop, not pop, C’mon!

05. Bad Engrish
– The local press usually makes mistakes when they try to describe our genre or even the name of the band or the album titles. Hevelorn, Hele-born, Helovorn, etc…

06. It’s Too Big…
– Mallorca is a small island. For us to drive more than 50 km is like drive a very long distance, 100 km is like a drive until the end of the world. How will we manage it in Canada?

The Aamamata album was released January 23rd, 2019.

07. Carb Loading
– Seriously, do you have virgin olive oil there? And bakeries? We eat a lot of bread, with everything. If not, we will definitely die.

08. Got Grapes?
– And a good wine for less than 20 dollars? Should we pay extra baggage to carry them?

09. Wave Your Banners
– Some people in Mallorca prefer to use our national flag (four red bars on a yellow background). Should I bring my Québécois flag with me or the Canadian one is enough?

10. Parlez Vous Spanish?
– Should I brush up on my French when we get to Québec?

“A Sail To Sanity” is the second, sea-worthy single taken from Aamamata.

“Shadows of The North Canada Tour 2019” Dates (w/ Majestic Downfall, Helevorn):

05/08 – Victoria, BC – Logan’s Pub
05/09 – Nanaimo, BC – The Cambie
05/10 – Vancouver, BC – Astoria Hastings
05/11 – Kelowna, BC – Munnin’s Post
05/12 – Lethbridge, AB – The Slice
05/13 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
05/14 – Winnipeg, MB – The Park Theatre
05/16 – Sudbury, ON – The Asylum
05/17 – Toronto, ON – Duffy’s Tavern
05/18 – Ottawa, ON – Cafe Dekcuf
05/19 – Quebec City, QC – L’Anti Bar
05/20 – Trois-Rivieres, QC – Tavern Royale
05/21 – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar

Make sure you don’t miss the tour beginning on May 8th in Victoria, BC!


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