We have something brand new for you today courtesy of the new/not-new-at-all band Ştiu Nu Ştiu and their latest track “Aorta.” You may be confused by that opening statement, so allow us to explain. Ştiu Nu Ştiu is a continuation of a project that began over 25 years ago when Kalle Mattsson and Martin Sandström, who knew each other from playing in the band Caterpillar Ghost, started composing music together.

Things were put on ice until the end of 2012 when Mattson moved back to the same city as Sandström after spending nearly ten years living in Amsterdam. During that time, Sandström stayed busy recording and touring with the cult band Jeniferever. In that same period, Mattson created album artwork for other groups, played bass in several local Amsterdam acts, and even, times, joined Jeniferever on tour. The Search’s Per Tholander soon joined the fold as the drummer and Billie Lindahl, who had made music under the name Promise & The Monster, also came on board.

Here it is, our exclusive premiere of Ştiu Nu Ştiu’s brand new song “Aorta.”

Ştiu Nu Ştiu released their first album Ultra Silvam in 2014 and was soon followed up by the sophomore effort Fake End. Soon after the release of Fake End, however, Tholander and Lindahl left the band and have since been replaced by Karl Daniel Lidén and Nicklas Ström Bargell.

This all finally brings us to present day and Ştiu Nu Ştiu’s third record, Träda. With an eye to change things up in a big way, the group utilizes three different singers throughout the album, including Mirella Hautala, Frida Herchenröther and Jessica Mengarelli. Taking the lead on most tracks is Mengarelli and, after the record was finished, she has become the band’s primary vocalist.

Make sure to also check out the band’s recently released music video for “Sibrien.”

Recorded in a little old house in the countryside of Uppsala, Sweden, Träda is a record full of moods and emotions and refined musicianship. The results are borne from the closeness the band members developed with one another after being so close together with no outside distractions. Some of the songs on the record were written a long time ago, while others were barely finished before recording took place. It was a lengthy process, beginning during the winter and not finishing until one of the hottest summers in a century began. Träda is Ştiu Nu Ştiu at their most competent, mature and polished songwriting abilities, a true step forward for an already innovative, genre-defying band.

Show Dates:

05/25 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Klubb DÖD: King Dude (US) / Ştiu Nu Ştiu
05/29 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Restaurang Landet

Check out the artwork for the brand new record Träda.

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