Ahead of its release this coming Friday, we are pleased to offer you the exclusive premiere of indie rock band Life Size Models’ latest earworm, “Polar Nights.” The song began as a sketch created by rhythm guitarist Stephen Seymour and it is particularly special since it also happens to be the first he wrote for the group. The sketch, which was given the title “Polar Nights,” was handed off by Stephen to his twin brother and band lead singer Chris Seymour just prior to Chris heading on a trip to San Luis Obispo, a small city in the Central Coast Region of California last July.

Chris then came up with his lyrics to the song’s verses and its vocal melody while staying in a San Luis Obispo Airbnb and, when he returned home to the Bay Area, the brothers played an acoustic version of the song for the first time while at a rehearsal. This was the beginning of an extensive process to prepare and polish “Polar Nights” for recording before it was finally tracked and mixed at Hellam Studios in Oakland by the end of 2018. Pre-order the song here, or get your pre-save on via Shopify.

Grab your night vision goggles and stay frosty, time to check out “Polar Nights!”

Commenting on the new track, the guys noted, “‘Polar Nights’ explores the role mental illness can play in defining an individual and the toll it can take on ourselves and the ones we love. The song encourages listeners to believe in the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel even when it might not seem to exist.”

This manner of emotional songwriting is very much ingrained in the fabric that makes up Life Size Models. Honesty is what drives their connection with audiences, along with the energy and vibe of their live gigs. Growing up as teenagers, the Seymour twins would obsess over their love of music, which helped mould and form the band you hear today. Life Size Models’ music is focused on that dream, of playing the music you love and realizing that anyone can live up to the music created by their idols, “life size” or not. The group has been compared to indie rock staples such as The Strokes, The Replacements, Arctic Monkeys, and The Cure.

Show Dates:

08/08 – Neck of the Woods – San Francisco, CA
08/10 – The Starry Plough – Berkeley, CA

Here’s a live performance of Life Size Models performing “A Way Out,” live at Art Boutiki Music Hall.

Cover artwork for the “Polar Nights” single which drops on May 17th, 2019.

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