Portuguese hard rockers Pântano are fresh off the release of their sludgy, Southern-metal track “Solitude” along with a slick accompanying video. Following up on 2018’s release of “Semi-Alma” (available to stream/buy on iTunes here and on Spotify here), “Solitude” is a similarly crushing track that settles nicely into a mid-tempo groove and lets the riffs and pinch harmonics do the heavy lifting.

Topping off Pântano’s rocking instrumentation, vocalist Nuno Rodrigues carries the band to new heights in his native tongue while drawing inevitable – and commendable – comparisons to Layne Staley and Phil Anselmo. Below, in his own words, Nuno gives us a rundown on the inspiration and thought processes behind the video for “Solitude.”

Guest Blog with Nuno Rodrigues on the “Solitude” Music Video:
– “On this track we got that hypnotic, vicious and catchy riff that makes you descend to a deep comfort; that reminds me of the feeling when you embrace your own solitude. This music video was filmed at our local theatre in Almeirim, and just like the vibe of the song, it’s abandoned in its own solitude, filling its own holes, with gracious intent, but with no grand purpose. It’s acceptance of being what you are, wherever you are; delivering music in full venues, theatres or just playing for empty ones, just like in life, we must continue to play the song. In the end, it’s about you and your music, and that’s the only thing that matters.”

We recommend you repeatedly watch this video in “Solitude,” then go tell all your friends about it:

“Everything that involves the late eighties and early nineties, mostly the cinema and sonorities that were lodged in our imaginations during that period, was a main influence and reference on this video, and we focused on the duplicity of hitting the stage by featuring an old theatre that needs to be reclaimed just like the good old films and music. It’s not a pretentious statement, it’s more like a reminder to not let ourselves detach from our own history.

With only a year of existence, the band has already played on the main stage of very popular national festivals, and next month we will have the opportunity to share the stage with acts like Tesseract, Leprous, Sinistro and many more. We would recommend our music to people who like Kyuss, Alice in Chains and Down, or anyone who might fancy the exotic sound of the Portuguese lingo.”

Feel like you only have a semi-soul? Combine it with “Semi-Alma” and you’re good to go.

With the debut album due out in September, make sure to keep your eyes on these guys.