Multi-instrumentalist and producer Ryan Meyers is the brainchild behind the new project Figure Eight. The Long Island, New York native is releasing the new record Any Given Flower on May 31st (available to pre-order on BandCamp or pre-save on various digital services here), a ten-track foray into the world of ‘90s emo, along with a hard-hitting punk rock edge that reflects the sincerity and intensity that harkens back to late night jamming sessions in the basements in which Meyers and his cohorts crafted their sound.

Any Given Flower marks Figure Eight’s debut full-length, which comes after the release of two EPs, August (2015) and Forever (2017), which gained Figure Eight some buzz in the local DIY music scene. Now Meyers is ready to expand his horizons, armed with a record full of songs and a tight-sounding band backing him up. In an exclusive look deep into the new Figure Eight record, Meyers gives us a track-by-track rundown of Any Given Flower, offering insight into the music while we also hit you with the exclusive streaming premiere of the whole shebang.

01. “Oyster Days”
– “Oyster Days” is just kind of a feeling that I put to paper so to speak. There’s a piece of dealing with my social anxiety, dealing with being true to your self, finding what you believe in, and seeing how that fits into your life. Kind of a proclamation, to find that, whatever it may be. It’s probably one of my favorite songs I’ve written to date, and it came out exactly how I wanted. Although I can explain some specifics of this song, there are some parts to it where it makes me feel things that I can’t explain, and I think that’s really cool if a song can do that. It makes me extra happy that it’s one of my songs that’s doing that for me (laughs).

Okay, here it is, the exclusive premiere of the brand new Figure Eight album, Any Given Flower!

02. “True Love”
– This is mostly a fictional song/story, I didn’t put too much meaning into it. It could mean anything really. Contrasting from the other songs on the album, this is one where it’s just to have fun, and I think that’s as important as having a deeply meaningful piece of art within the record. This is the one where I’m trying to not take my self so seriously.

03. “Any Given Flower”
– This mainly deals with loneliness and feeling left behind. It’s about letting go of things that aren’t meant for you because holding on to them only makes you hurt more. There comes a point where you need to decide if you’re going to stand up and do something about your situation, or just keep wallowing in the feeling of being trapped.

04. “Soft Heart”
– There’s also a lot of loneliness and feelings of decaying portrayed on this one. It deals with suicidal ideation and realizing that’s not something I actually want. Sometimes you can become so obsessed with the thought of that, and become addicted to that feeling in a way. You become so accustomed to the sadness and it’s really fucked up. At the end of the song it kind of resolves to me having a big revelation in my life, that helps me see I don’t want that ever.

Remember, Any Given Flower drops on May 31st, 2019. Be sure to pre-save or pre-order your copy today.

05. “A New Bite”
– Probably the most introspective and personal I’ve gotten in a song. Again a lot about decaying from your depression and feeling like you’re wasting away. I really enjoy how it came out and I think its a very special track on the record. Also, another song where some of the parts are fictional or up for interpretation.

06. “Only You”
– I wrote this while on tour in a guitar shop in Nashville, and a guitar center in Houston. Later I put lyrics to it and recording a demo of it in the back of my car at 4 am. I liked the energy and feel of that recording so I ended up just keeping it for the record.

07. “Cold Feet”
– Somewhat about winning a fish at a carnival with someone you just met, to then inadvertently become “fish parents” with someone you don’t quite know yet.

Want to hear some “vintage” Figure Eight? Check out this stream of the previously released “Keep You With Me.”

08. “All I Ever”
– I wrote this back in January/February of 2016, really just about being lonely and sad.

09. “Back of Car”
– This is another semi-fictional one, lyrics aren’t too literal. It’s really open for interpretation.

10. “In My Sleep”
– I decided to put this on last minute and recorded it within an hour. I think it’s a nice little song and helps wind down the record.

11. “For Your Eyes Only”
– This song deals with relationships that are far from perfect but still wanting it to work because there is love there. It’s also about being equal, quite literally at the end of the song where it’s like if you do this, then I’ll do it too. Almost over the top to prove a point in a very visible way.


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