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Ease that “Heavy Mind” with the Latest Music Video from Brooklyn Dreamo Quartet, LIVING ROOM [Video Premiere]

It’s Friday, a great time to get further acquainted with all things Living Room, thanks to our exclusive premiere of the “Heavy Mind” music video from this noisy, Brooklyn-based dreamo quartet whose new album is due in 2019 via Jetsam-Flotsam Records.



We all spend so much time in our living rooms (or equivalent) as it is, so why not linger there a little longer today? This is your chance to get further acquainted with all things Living Room thanks to our exclusive premiere of the “Heavy Mind” music video from this Brooklyn-based quartet. The “Heavy Mind” single also happens to be the title track off the band’s upcoming full-length release, due out via Jetsam-Flotsam Records circa December 14th. Fortunately for eager fans, pre-orders are already available through Jetsam-Flotsam’s official website or or Bandcamp profile.

Friends for 25 years, the members of Living Room have been playing music together since 2010 and released their first EP, Dream Journal, in 2012. Since then, they have released two other full-lengths with Heavy Mind being their third and most well-written to date; it reaches new musical depths which they’ve yet to show. Its sound floats somewhere between the vulnerability of emo and the intricacies of post-hardcore with a powerful expression of owning reality as the band members transition into new phases of life. It’s about facing your situation as you enter adulthood and coming to terms with the responsibility of realizing the realities of the modern world and how you can care for yourself and others close to you. In turn, Heavy Mind is full of highly contemplative songs that reflect the complexity and weight of adulthood that seek to express, explore and make sense of it all.

“Heavy Mind” is part two of Living Room’s current video series. Part 1 was “Another Me,” which you can watch right here:

Regarding the writing process, singer Scott Fitzpatrick wrote out the structures of some of his favourite songs by iconic, classic artists and band such as Tom Petty and The Beatles to really focus on songwriting and structure. It all basically started with Fitzpatrick and a notebook, writing away, trying to make sense of what made those songs truly great to him. This focus on songwriting and structure is largely the reason for the maturity in Heavy Mind’s sound as compared to Living Room’s other material. This approach is particularly noticeable on songs such as “Another Me,” with its ringing guitars and wicked beat that steer the song away from that enormous, noisy sound you’re used to hearing from Living Room.

Commenting on “Heavy Mind,” Fitzpatrick said, “The video for ‘Heavy Mind’ is technically a prequel, but it’ll make sense even if you haven’t seen the previous installment. It shows how the main character, Tom, gets the weird job he has in our video for ‘Another Me.’ We had so much fun getting together with our friends to make this one. Huge thank you to Brendan McKnight for doing such a great job directing, editing and generally being awesome to work with. Thanks for watching!”

“Heavy Mind” is taken from the upcoming Jetsam-Flotsam Records full-length release, due December 14th. This is the single’s cover art:

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