There is putrid waste where there should be ichor pouring from open wounds that Canadian outfit Dead Tired have already accrued over their relatively short genesis as a band. Fronted by George Pettit of Alexisonfire fame, the Hamilton crew were spewing filth on one of their first EPs Vol. One (read our review) back in September 2016, when I first heard about the group and reviewed their effort.

It was clear even at that point that the outlet for their aggression, still unbridled after all these years of touring and playing music, was a positive sign that they were cooking up some heavy riffs. And now, here we are, a few years later, with a result that is an exhaustive (and exhausting) cacophony of amped up speed and snot-nosed indignation. It’s rock and roll for the hardcore set, instantly conjuring comparisons to fellow Canadian bands Cancer Bats or Burning Love.

Regardless of what bands can draw the most parallels, Dead Tired take their own decidedly unique approach to blistering hardcore, for the most part relying on thrash and hardcore punk by way of D.R.I. and Black Flag, while at other times showing off more shoegaze-like tendencies that bring to mind Destruction Unit, such as on “The Prowler.” It’s a sign that the band is more than happy to lean into whatever portion of their record collection for influence while keeping their feet firmly planted in hardcore punk.

The result is a full-length that should be a mark of pride for anyone walking around Hamilton and in Canadian hardcore in general. Be sure to check out a copy of the album via the New Damage webstore.

Peep the “Get On Me” music video right here:

Full Vol. Track Listing:

01. Can’t Shut it Off
02. The Prowler
03. Exhausting People
04. Hedonic Adaptation
05. Music Enthusiast Blues
06. She’s In My Eyes
07. Night Of 100,000 Lies
08. Get On Me
09. White Caps
10. Complicated Pleasures
11. Here Comes the Fall

Run Time: 30:56
Release Date: March 22, 2019
Record Label: New Damage Records

Here’s a photo of Dead Tired looking pretty well-rested.


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