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Chonna Uses Her “Ink Blot” to Tackle the Triumphs and Struggles of Mental Health Issues [Video Premiere]

Chonna’s debut single, “Ink Blot,” is a soulful, pop-rock journey dedicated to sharing the struggles and triumphs associated with mental health issues.




Chonna is a pop-rock artist from “a little bit of everywhere,” Texas, who dedicates her soulful tunes to shedding light on mental health issues and the corresponding social stigmas that plague its victims. With her debut EP, Ink Blot, Chonna is bringing audiences along for a much-overdue journey of healing and self-realization, and to help kickstart this journey, we are premiering her first single and corresponding video for the eponymous track, “Ink Blot.”

With her debut single, Chonna says, “I hope to encourage others to share their inner darkness, instead of hushing what society does not easily hear. Mental health is something that needs to be shared, not simply medicated.”

She adds more context, stating: “My upcoming 4-song EP, Ink Blot, is my first musical project as an artist. During the writing process, I was scared shitless and confused by my lyrics. I was going through a transition of self-discovery and healing that was 20 years overdue. I had suppressed feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness, much of it stemming from trauma endured as a child. This left me going through the motions of life not truly knowing who I was. It wasn’t until I let these words pour out of me, that my past lost its power and I began to shine from within.”

Check out Chonna’s website here and keep you ears open for another upcoming single, “Leave Letter.”

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