Sad Girl Breakfast: a metaphoric modern meal reflecting the continued global battle for women’s rights, or the name of an album? Well, poignantly, it’s the latter, a recording that tackles many of the obstacles and darkest moments one’s presented by life. Featuring some brilliant lo-fi garage rock, Sad Girl Breakfast is the upcoming EP from Baltimore born, Los Angeles-based artist Lauren Lakis, due this spring via Cavity Search Records. A raw and very real sound it is and it’s thanks to Lakis’ honest and emotive songwriting.

The album was first previewed with existentially-themed lead single “Right Now” (watch the music video here) which explores the present and potential and struggle to remain therein. Lakis shares, “Malaise is the word that probably best describes that feeling. But it’s also suggesting that it isn’t a solitary experience, and that we can find comfort in each other.” Racking up positive reviews, it’s now time for Lakis to further reveal herself and the album. The next single off Sad Girl Breakfast is “Goner,” which we’re stoked to be debuting today, a song which paints the age-old picture of love, romance, and relationship. A story about enjoying the hairy ride despite being unaware of the outcome. Again, about remaining present and being happy in the moment.

If you’re not going to listen to this track than you might end up a “Goner.”

Varying themes abound on Lakis’ latest but they seem to all deal with the present. Maybe it’s this musicians penchant for forcing herself to confront arduous or uncomfortable situations which have impacted the narrative but, either way, it’s both brave and commendable. Not to mention it’s resulted in terrific tunes. According to a recent press release, Lakis “looked up to fearless women as a child” which resulted in her being “determined to live her life as real and unapologetic as possible.” With that being said, we wanted to delve deeper and asked Lakis to share with us, our readers, and her fans the five female musicians that most greatly influence her musical creative and life decisions.

Without further ado, here’s our latest instalment of Women of Rock. Check out the songs and album info below, not to mention that, if you’re in the LA-area this Friday, April 5th, you should check out Lauren Lakis live at the Ace Hotel. Drop the excuses and just go. It’s about being in the moment, remember? Lakis concurs, noting “Time passes, life changes, relationships come and go, and it just keeps happening in this perpetual dance until we die. It might seem like a bleak outlook, but for me it’s liberating because nothing that happens to us needs to carry so much weight.”

Check out the upcoming EP’s cover artwork below.

01. Courtney Love (Hole) (Los Angeles, CA)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Grunge, Noise Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Courtney Love will forever be my #1 favorite. I first discovered her when I was 15 and her lyrics spoke to my soul. I was super shy growing up and painfully self aware, and she seemed to be the complete opposite of that – unapologetic, in-your-face, and confident in herself and her music. People love to hate her, but I’ll always think of her as being prolific.

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that she gets under your “Celebrity Skin.”

02. Victoria Legrand (Beach House) (Baltimore, MD)
Genres: Dream Pop, Indie Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– As a native Baltimorean, I’ll always hold Beach House near and dear to my heart. I love the moods they create with sonic textures. Victoria’s voice is as smooth as butter.

Beach House’s entire Depression Cherry album can be streamed here thanks to Sub Pop.

03. Laura Hopkins (Laura Palmer’s Death Parade & Black Water Holy Light) (Portland, OR)
Genres: Folk, Psych Folk, Doom
Links: Facebook, Instagram

– This is a newer artist I’ve been listening to. I discovered Laura Palmer’s Death Parade randomly one evening in Portland, when I decided to pop by Holocene for a show. I hadn’t heard of any of the bands. I was blown away by Laura Hopkins’ song-writing and story-telling, her angelic voice, and the power she commanded onstage. I then discovered her other project, Black Water Holy Light, which is much heavier and doomier, but equally good.

This musical seductress will have you asking yourself: “I’m the Only One”?

04. Chan Marshall (Cat Power) (Atlanta, GA)
Genres: Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Electric Blues, Alternative Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Chan Marshall is one of my earliest influences; I started listening to Cat Power when I was around 15 years old. Many of her songs still illicit tears from me, even after having listened to them 59493894 times.

Few song are more poignantly-titled than Cat Power’s “Woman,” featuring Lana Del Rey.

05. Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes) (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Genres: Punk Rock, Garage Rock, Garage Punk
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– I’m a new fan of Le Butcherettes after having seen them at The Moroccan Lounge here in LA. Teri Gender Bender is incredible live – so much raw emotion and energy!

There’s no room for arachnophobia with Le Butcherettes’s music. The song “spider/WAVES” is a must!

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