The Ivins, a band we introduced you to a couple of years ago with their song “Out of Air,” are back and we have the exclusive premiere of their new “Certain” music video. This is the Nashville-based independent rock quartet’s first helping of new music since the 2017 release of their debut record The Code Duello (which you can find on iTunes and Spotify here).

The Code Duello was recorded in a variety of studios from New York and Virginia down to Nashville and featured production assistance from Michael Rosen (AFI, Papa Roach), Mark Needham (MUTEMATH, Say Anything) and Bill Leverty (Firehouse). Since the album’s release, The Ivins have been rapidly developing their following in the Nashville scene. Now, with a sophomore album being recorded at Keystone Studios alongside producer Michael Zuehsow (Colt Ford, Cherub), fans should get stoked on the upcoming late 2019 release.

Commenting on the song “Certain,” singer Jim Ivins stated, “Certain’ is a commentary on the world of infinite options in which we live in 2019. Whether its jobs, relationships, music, what-have-you, at our fingertips all times, we have an unending sea of options for whatever we want out of life. Some people really take to this, and relish in never committing to anything, hence the lyric in the song, ‘Connection calls for arson, potential hangs a noose.’ Me, on the other hand, I crave certainty. I need it. It is my safety blanket. But certainty is scary, and sometimes it can bring you down a path you never thought you’d travel. For me, the lifestyle of unlimited options is the one that is claustrophobic and that’s why the hook of the song is, ’my one wish is to be certain.”

“Roam The World” with The Ivins and this music video off of The Code Duello.

Jim Ivins further explains the track’s history, noting, “Musically, the song’s creation actually stems from an audition we had for a cultural emissary program with the U.S. State Department, where we were asked to update an old international folk song. We chose ‘Bektob Esmak,’ a folk song from Lebanon, and off we went. The audition never panned out, but (me) and my brother Jack (drums) knew we had a great skeleton of a song. Once we moved to Nashville in 2017 and established our lineup, the four of us fleshed out what we had, contributing each of our unique sensibilities, and ‘Certain’ was born! We recorded the song in Nashville with producer Matt Leigh at the legendary Tracking Room (U2, Beach Boys, Bon Jovi).”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

04/09 – The Basement – Nashville, TN
04/24 – The Back Corner – Nashville, TN
07/13 – JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN

“Roam The World” with The Ivins and this music video off of The Code Duello.


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