Despite popular opinion, there’s a lot that hasn’t been written about The Rolling Stones. They are the definition of jukebox rock n’ roll, and the world always has a couple of quarters to keep the party going.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a box set that brings you one of the greatest rock bands that span almost as many genres as they span decades. They created slang, they created hooks, and brought about too many defining moments to name. References like “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” or “partying like a rock star” didn’t have a life before this band.

Welcome to Honk. A greatest hits album like you’ve never heard before, from one of the bands that contributed to pop culture in so many unforgettable ways that can never be replaced; from movie soundtracks, TV episodes, sold-out international tours, charity benefit concerts, dozens of classic albums, and countless other personal moments in countless lives. People losing their virginity, drinking their first beer, smoking their first cigarette (for better and definitely for worse), and so many other things. Little things, big things and everything in between. The Rolling Stones were there through all of it, and this is the soundtrack to our lives for generations.

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Honk brings a remastered three-disc set to fans returning to the fold, those laying in the cut, and those who may be hearing this legendary band for the first time. Whether you’re digging for hit singles or deep cuts: THIS IS IT!

From the glossy pop of “Start Me Up,” to the ragged “Tumbling Dice,” it doesn’t matter what your relationship with these tracks is, they still catch you off guard with how well the hooks have aged. Latter day singles like “Gloom and Doom” prove the band still has a lot of swagger to spare and can still create real rock with edge. The truth is, with this band, you’re playing with the house money, so everyone walks away with a couple of chips in their pocket. Pop music doesn’t have the same shelf life anymore, and here this band is, fifty years later – and counting – while the songs still kick.

The live cuts focus on the Stones using their magic to bring other artists into the spotlight and bringing audiences to a place where they can see their range. They even have Dave Grohl ripping the spicy cut “Bitch” from the seminal Sticky Fingers album in an unforgettable way. The drums are tight, the basslines stick to it like honey, and the guitar licks melt into the vocals like a horizon giving way to twilight. It’s just meant to be, goddamnit!

Get moving with the classic “Start Me Up.”

To top it off, Honk also features tracks with esteemed artists like Florence Welch, Ed Sheeran, and Brad Paisley. The Rolling Stones have become a rite of passage for anyone who loves pop culture. Whether you only acknowledge their influence or embrace it wholeheartedly, the beauty of this group is that they’re a part of us all.

Take that to the bank and watch it grow because whether you’re being dragged away by “Wild Horses” or your feet are hurtin’ from being a “Beast of Burden,” cry through your tears and celebrate one of the greatest bands that ever stood on the cover of a magazine and inspired millions to wear some jeans, be themselves, and not care about what anyone thinks, because they’re too busy caring about the process.

Honk Track Listing:
Disc One

01. Start Me Up
02. Brown Sugar
03. Rocks Off
04. Miss You
05. Tumbling Dice
06. Just Your Fool
07. Wild Horses
08. Fool To Cry
09. Angie
10. Beast Of Burden
11. Hot Stuff
12. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It)
13. Rock And A Hard Place
14. Doom And Gloom
15. Love Is Strong
16. Mixed Emotions
17. Don’t Stop
18. Ride ‘Em On Down

Here’s “Wild Horses” live from London with Florence Welch.

Disc Two

01. Bitch
02. Harlem Shuffle
03. Hate To See You Go
04. Rough Justice
05. Happy
06. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
07. One More Shot
08. Respectable
09. You Got Me Rocking
10. Rain Fall Down
11. Dancing With Mr D
12. Undercover (Of The Night)
13. Emotional Rescue
14. Waiting On A Friend
15. Saint Of Me
16. Out Of Control
17. Streets Of Love
18. Out Of Tears

Disc Three – Live Tracks

01. Get Off My Cloud
02. Dancing With Mr D
03. Beast Of Burden (with Ed Sheeran)
04. She’s A Rainbow
05. Wild Horses (with Florence Welch)
06. Let’s Spend The Night Together
07. Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley)
08. Shine A Light
09. Under My Thumb
10. Bitch (with Dave Grohl)

Run Time: 03:16:29
Release Date: April 19, 2019
Record Label: Universal


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