Asbury Park, NJ is where you’re likely to encounter Little Vicious, a tight little group of rockers who are currently prepping to drop their new album, Dark Country, on May 17th via GrindEthos Records. Led by the unavoidable presence of frontwoman and lead guitarist Marguerite King, the group profess to be “soft enough for the boys, and hard enough for the girls.” Today, in promotion of the upcoming release and band’s music in general, we’re stoked to debut the lead single off Dark Country, “Hit You Right.”

Dark Country was produced by Pete Steinkopf (yep, the rad musician in the Bouncing Souls) and is all about pure, simply rock and roll – think a myriad of beefy guitar riffs, hearty hooks, and grooves. Or, according to something we read in a recent press release, the album is “[a]n examination of personal dualities, shadows and spotlights. Initial images are highway roads. The desert. Night skies. Easy Rider. Tattooed ancient witches trying to do good instead of their predetermined evil fates. Whiskey. Mountains. The Twilight Zone. Leather. Babes. Cigarettes. Skeleton keys opening gates. Nice cars and fast guitars. Black, white, red, gold.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves so, if you’re not yet intrigued, we don’t know what else to say… maybe just try streaming the music… Speaking of which, you can find pre-order action here plus pre-save the tunes on the band’s Spotify and YouTube channels.

If this song doesn’t “Hit You Right” then maybe you should recheck your taste in music.

Always the consummate professional, Marguerite King kindly left us with an exclusive quote for all you fans: “This is definitely my personal favorite song on the record. ‘Hit You Right’ is about the beginning of a relationship that wasn’t built on the greatest foundation, really. I met an ex at a bar, we got together because there was really no one better around – and we were both raging alcoholics that enabled each other. He was sad and drunk, I was sad and drunk, and the night we met the light hit him in just the right way. Rose-tinted glasses kind of deal. This song captures the loud, tumultuous path of that relationship, and I hope it can serve as a story of caution. Relationships built out of convenience and soaked in whiskey generally aren’t a great idea – but they almost always inspire rocking, fuzzed-out riffs.”

Upcoming Show Dates:

04/19 – Dawson Street Pub – Philadelphia, PA
05/15 – Wonder Bar – Asbury Park, NJ
06/10 – Standard Motorcycle Co. – Orlando, FL

If you’re feeling a little lonely, hit up Little Vicious and let them “Hold Ya (Through the Night).”

The new album Dark Country drops on May 17th., 2019, via GrindEthos Records.


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