Matthew Pinder – a name you will soon be hearing worldwide – just released his first full-length album, Give Me Some Time. Working with producer Chris Jacobie (Penny & Sparrow), Give Me Some Time is a ten track album spanning the themes of heartbreak and hope. The Bahamian singer-songwriter announced the album with the release of three single, “Golden Hour”, “Break My Heart and Let Me Go”, and “St.Paul, MN” – all of which garnered high praise from top music blogs and publications and even landed Pinder on the Spotify curated playlist Folk & Friends. Amidst the excitement of Pinder’s anticipated album release, we sat down and chatted with him about the release of his new music and what’s next for the breakout artist.
You just released your album, Give Me Some Time…. What’s the story behind the release?
Some time last year I DM’ed Chris Jacobie. Told him I was a singer-songwriter and that I loved his work with Penny & Sparrow. He told me if I could make my way to Texas, he’d be down to work on a record with me. I took him up on that offer. We recorded the bones of the album in 10 days and it grew from there. No we’re 3 singles in and it feels great to get this album out there.
What is your inspiration behind writing the album?
Inspiration comes from lots of places. I’d say on this album, a lot of what I write about centers on relationships, whether romantic or not. Another thing that I think about a lot is the fact that I haven’t figured out the hard questions of life but I’m ok with that. The title Give Me Some Time is a true statement. It’s like me saying, “don’t worry about me, I’m getting there”. Wherever that is .
Take us behind the process of creating this album…. What were some of the challenges you faced and what came easily?
Working with Chris Jacobie was a process that I can’t compare anything to that I’ve done in music. He listened to me and really strived to help me make my songs the best they could be. Some challenges were just like getting on each other’s nerves sometimes just by being in the studio too long. The songs were all already written before I got there and we had already gone over them so overall, things ran smoothly.
What’s your favorite single from the album and why?
My favorite single is Golden Hour. It was the first song we recorded and it just felt right even back then, even in the really early stages. I just had a solid feeling about it, that it would click with people. One of my best friends, Carly Hodge also added some killer harmonies to it and it all came together so beautifully. I’m really proud of that song.
How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?
I think my sound has a lot to do with the way I sing. Not to say that my voice is superior in any way, but I always aim to be earnest in my vocals approach. I want my music to be described as believable and honest.
What mainstream artists influence your music?
Not many. I mean I don’t consider a lot of the artists I listen to to be mainstream. Noah Gundersen, for example has had a huge influence on me for years: his writing style, his voice, his sounds. The Head And The Heart are pretty big now I guess, and they’ve also had a major influence on the music I make.
What would be your dream venue to perform in?
I guess Thalia Hall in Chicago. I saw Noah Gundersen play there and he stilled a room of like 400 people, that was awesome.
What is your favorite lyrical line in the album?
“I’m a man of shifting sorrow, I point in to my chest, I know it’s a rut.”
How did you get your start in music?
When I was in college I started playing guitar for my friend Carly to sing. She kept encouraging me to sing which I was never comfortable with but I went ahead and tried. We played a few open mics and I was hooked. Pretty soon after, I began to write my own songs and now here we are.
What can fans expect next?
Fans can expect that I’ll be making my way stateside. Just trying to get that all sorted out and then hopefully I’ll get to play some shows over there. Either way, I wanna keep this growing.
Listen to Give Me Some Time on your favorite streaming platform. Click HERE.
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