Being in an underground band has its awesome times and not so awesome times. Some days you’ve got guitar riffs and drum fills coming out the wazoo and others you’re balls deep in obscure Mongolian throat singing videos convincing yourself it’s just the thing you need to get the ideas flowing. Check out our top 10 documentaries to help keep the motivation up next time the inspiration banks are feeling a little low.

Before that, though, the band will ease you “Gently” into the list with their latest video.

01. Some Kind Of Monster
– What a place to start! Watching a successful band go through the motions during this period is an amazing insight. Studio diaries are always great for motivation, but to see how affected each member of the band is on their journey, a new member entering the fray AND completing an album, I defy anyone to not jump straight onto their instrument after seeing this.

02. TT – Closer To The Edge
– The thrill of watching this is a reminder of the adrenaline rush we get from being up on stage and playing in front of a crowd. Watching men take on an island, men who do this for the love of the race can be just the thing we need to get back and kick some ass.

03. Indie Game The Movie
– From another industry full of people with nothing more than passion and a dream, the heart and drive of these guys as they bring their vision to life is an incredible story to help remind us the sky is the limit.

04. Sunderland Til We Die
– This Netflix series looks at the Sunderland Football Club through a very difficult season (aren’t they all?). Not every story that inspires is a success story and seeing the struggles of a beloved club can be arduous for any fan. But to see so many stand by the team through the thick and thin of it all truly is a reminder of how lucky we are to have continued to support on this journey.

05. American: The Bill Hicks Story
– Joining his local comedy club at a young age, sneaking out after “bed” to perform and his sheer determination should be more than enough to motivate you to drum up a riff or two in the face of adversity. Throw on top of that a painful sense of self awareness and commentary drier than your last tinder conversation, what’s not to love?

06. Sound City
– As musicians, the history of this studio is nothing short of flabbergasting. The amount of bands that went through those doors and the work that they produced from this one space is something we try to bare in mind when we’ve got our writing hats on. Applying some of the lessons and the open minded approach that they had for when it came to writing music is something that should never be overlooked, regardless of genre.

07. The Story Of Anvil
– If you’re in a band then you need to see this, period. This film shows just how anyone can follow their happiness, no matter what age. As long as they’re willing to take on any oncoming obstacles, anything can be possible. Don’t let your dreams be dreams, as Shia would say.

08. Hitman Hart – Wrestling with Shadows
– Just like earlier, not every documentary needs to be all about success. A man on top of his career all while the cameras were rolling, this documentary gives a great behind the scenes look full of motivation, struggle and hardship showing that sometimes people can’t help but want to watch you fall.

09. Brian Cox Wonders of the Universe
– Who wouldn’t be inspired by finding out a little bit about how this whole thing came together!? The way Brian explains everything is simple enough that even our drummer is able to understand it and the subject matter can have you awe inspired for a lifetime to boot.

10. Senna
– Watching one man achieve so much through self determination alone, and against so much adversity is the very definition of inspiration. Although the end of the documentary may leave a little bit of dust in the eye, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that pure motivation ran through the man’s veins and can be just the emotional roller coaster of a ride we need to pick ourselves back up.

The new album by Outright Resistance Cargo Cult came out on March 1st 2019.


I have an unhealthy obsession with bad horror movies, the song Wanted Dead Or Alive and crap British game shows. I do this not because of the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle it affords me but more because it gives me an excuse to listen to bands that sound like hippos mating.