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Louisiana Quartet CHEMICAL CITY REBELS Help to “Separate” Good Post-Punk from the Bad [Exclusive Song Premiere]

They’re from southern Louisiana, they’re called Chemical City Rebels, and their latest album, A New Plague, is due out on April 19th. Today, celebrating the upcoming post-punk record’s release, we’re stoked to debut the new single, “Separate.”



We were going to avoid puns about this band releasing “A New Plague” on April 19th, when they drop their new album, but, somehow, that still happened. They’re from southern Louisiana, they’re called Chemical City Rebels, and, as we just said, their latest album, A New Plague, is due out in a few short days. You can get some pre-order action happening on iTunes and Bandcamp but first we suggest you check out our premiere of the guys’ third single, “Separate,” off the upcoming release. Booya!

Following previous tracks, “Disassociate” and “DLTBGYD,” the band, which includes four freaking Bens (frontman Ben Michon, drummer Ben Fridge, bassist Benton Lovoi, and guitarist Ben Ryland), leverage “Separate” to continue pointing out their penchant for near-perfect post-punk which they’ve dubbed “stoner pop-punk.” Check the tunes, get stoked on then new album, and, if you’re in the area, check the band’s gig at Bald Eagle Pub in Baton Rouge, LA tonight!

This is it! Finally, time to “Separate” the grouches from the slouches. Yep, we too have no idea what that means.

Speaking of their undeniably-good new single, guitarist and vcalist Ben Michon, commented as follows: “‘Separate’ is the third single off of our upcoming album A New Plague which will be released digitally April 19th, 2019. It is a song about change, particularly when dealing with relationships, romantic or platonic. Over a period of years, people can change dramatically and find what drew them together in the first place has now set them at odds, leaving the base of their relationship severed. Change is often good and needed for growth and should be looked upon as a necessary part of life. In this regard, I feel that this song although melancholy, is ultimately positive.”

In your quest to “Disassociate” from reality this Friday, try streaming this song.

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