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“For The Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records” by Brian Slagel and Mark Eglinton [Audiobook Review]

“For The Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records,” by Brian Slagel and Mark Eglinton, is a great audiobook primed to satisfy metal fans everywhere with its detailed examination of the illustrious history of metal’s founding record label.



Narrated by Brian Slagel, the legendary metalhead and founder and CEO of Metal Blade Records, with a host of other big-name guest narrators, this book tells the story of the aforementioned record label. Slagel recounts the humble beginnings of the fledgling label run out of a garage in his mother’s house and the Metal Massacre compilations that featured now well-known artists like Trouble, Slayer, and Ratt. The fascinating narrative ends up spanning more than 35 years from the label’s solid foundation as the premiere record label in the metal genre until the present day.

The story alternates between Slagel’s narrative and a host of guest narrators, a veritable who’s who in the metal world, including Lars Ulrich, Chris Barnes, Lizzy Borden, Kerry King, and many others. Through intimate stories, the reader gains behind-the-scenes insight into Slagel’s dedication and determination and how he literally changed the face of the metal world.

Many of the bands originally signed to Metal Blade Records have gone on to become multi-million selling artists and household names, selling out venues around the globe. The label has built a reputation of being the place to go when you want quality metal, not to mention a fantastic spot for finding new music; just peruse their artist roster and you are sure to find something new to suit your fancy.

A logo known the world over, this is the classic Metal Blade symbol.

For more than three decades, Metal Blade has been the place to go when you are looking for quality metal and they are credited with launching the careers of many well-known artists including Six Feet Under, As I Lay Dying, Fates Warning and the aforementioned Lizzy Borden. “For The Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records” is a great listen (or read, should you so choose), was easily consumed in a little over a day, and something metal fans everywhere will really enjoy.

Written By: Brian Slagel and Mark Eglinton
Publisher: BMG Books (March 05, 2019)
Format/Length Audiobook, 4:36:50

Twenty-nine years later! Get a quick rundown on Metal Blade’s early “history” with this 1990 piece.