Josh Wheatley is a young multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter hailing from Nottingham, England, who, in his short career, has already begun to make some serious noise. Thanks to his creative songwriting which is defined by his soaring melodies and personal lyrics, the artist is influenced by those close to him resulting in poignant and personal music. Incidentally, it took the loss of a job for Wheatley to truly become committed to his pursuit of personal success as a songwriter and musician.

And people have started to take notice, particularly as a result of the release of his EP, I Know You, which may be found on Apple Music among other traditional DSPs. Josh has found success in crafting his sound through the assistance of producers Josh Rumble, the bassist from Anteros and Al Groves (Paris Youth Foundation, Bring Me The Horizon). With the 1-year anniversary of the release of I Know You, we felt compelled to catch up with Josh for an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of each song on his highly memorable record.

Have a listen to the upbeat title track from I Know You.

01. “Calling”
– It was a relatively late completion for the EP, in the terms of songwriting and recording. I remember sitting down saying, “I wanted to write a pop song” and “Calling” just seemed to happen. I found myself listening to bands like Aquilo with some of their lush synths and it made me want to write songs like them. It feels like an immediate introduction to the EP.

02. “I Know You”
– “I Know You” is a song is previously sat on for a while, unsure if I wanted to release it. When it came around to releasing an EP, it seemed like one of the leading contenders I had. When it came working on it in the studio it felt like it all just slid into place.

03. “Worry”
– Another song I sat on, unsure if it was going anywhere. I went down to record with Josh Rumble (of Anteros). We were just scrolling through some of my songs and listened to “Worry.” He thought it was worth revisiting, so we started working on it. It’s one of my favorites. “Worry” is written about my own self-doubt, and how you can be knocked down, but have to get up again.

04. “Notice”
– It’s a song about the discord in a relationship. Two people who just don’t seem to quite gel together. More of a pop tune when it was written, but when I play it with my band, it becomes something more indie-esc. Like “Calling,” it was also fairly late to be written for the EP. It’s one of most chilled-out songs.

05. “Saviour”
– Seemed good to fit anywhere, but better as a closing track to me. “Saviour” was written in the later part of last year, originally as a piano ballad, about finding that one person who can save you from yourself. The addition of thick synths and lots of guitars just seemed fit perfectly, though I hadn’t thought about it originally.

Josh Wheatley’s I Know You EP dropped April 6th, 2018.

It doesn’t appear on I Know You, but if you want more from Josh Wheatley, check out the lyric video for the previously released “Shiver.”


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